Kobe Bryant reunites with high school point guard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Even though Kobe Bryant is something of a citizen of the world, he was born in Philadelphia and played high school hoops there, which made Tuesday night’s game against the Sixers a homecoming of sorts. I was in Philly for the game, and saw hundreds of people wearing Lakers jerseys, as well as a bunch of people wearing Lower Merion High School gear, a shoutout to Kobe’s prep days.

As it turns out, one of the media members in attendance was Evan Monsky, who was the point guard on Kobe’s high school team two decades ago. He hasn’t connected with Kobe since, but in this video for The 700 Level, Monsky managed to catch up with Kobe, and it looks like it was everything he hoped it would be…

VIDEO: Kobe Philly


  1. jim says:

    Awesoome!!!!!! thank you!!!!

  2. Tommy says:

    …and on the next episode of What Kobe Bryant did next…….

  3. baller says:

    I remember when nate robinson was a baller in the nba

  4. That was actually a really good piece. I hate Kobe, and despise Philly in all aspects of them period, including basketball, but that was entertaining and pretty cool.

    The only professional athlete who remotely recognized me like 5 years later, was Matt Asiata, at our Panda Express. Then again he is the only professional athlete I know.

  5. Vinh says:

    LOL…potato salad!

  6. RapsFan4Life says:

    Lol, Evan Monsky definitely made a new fan in me. That guy is hilarious. Cool to see Kobe still remembers where he came from too. I have to say, he’s really turned me around the last couple of years. I couldn’t stand him before (Maybe I’m still a little hurt over the 81 pts).

  7. Umad Bro says:

    This video could have been so much better if the PG didn’t come off as so smart alecky. But Kobe was kind as usual.

  8. abc says:

    A great piece. Thanks!

  9. John says:

    Metta is such a nice dude.

  10. JP says:

    Awesome! Looked like mr. Monsey had a killer day !

  11. craadle says:

    This is an awesome video. I could watch this guy all day!

  12. This was an amazing interview and segment. I’m here at work and completely stopped working watching this.
    Big up to Mr. Bryant for remembering and acknowledging his teammates

  13. Jeffrey Jennnings says:

    Life long bball fan and enjoy this piece of video journalism like non other. Very funny and charming.

  14. Victor HLH says:

    Mann this was great… pretty fresh, more stuff like this would be great!

  15. Bob says:

    Where can I pick up my Evan Monsky jersey?