Steph Curry gives kids autograph, makes their year

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I was in Brooklyn last night to watch the Warriors play, and I wasn’t the only one — there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fans there wearing Warriors gear. And most of them, more specifically, were wearing Stephen Curry jerseys and shirts and shoes. They arrived well before the game to watch Curry’s warm-up routine, which is epic, and then did their best to get an autograph from their hero. Because there were so many people there, not everyone was able to get Steph’s signature. But the kids who did manage to meet Steph? It created a moment that they’ll clearly never forget…


  1. jyjay says:

    lol good job kid

  2. grigg popovech says:

    lol, he is reacting to kobe”s retirement

  3. johnnytc1 says:

    And the reaction is for what’s to come…. I do hope GSW pays da king and his merry men. We thought last year was a blow out!
    Yikes! What will it be this year if GSW keeps the their foot on the gas…. Maybe king would be tired and just sit the finals out.