Fans in China create snow picture of Kobe Bryant

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I grew up in Atlanta, way down South, and every winter it might get a little chilly, but it rarely snowed, and as a kid that was so disappointing — all we wanted was to go outside and play in the snow, to make snowmen, to have snowball fights. But at most we would have to make do with maybe less than an inch of snow, which would last for maybe a day. Now, though, I live in New York City, and it snows a ton every year, and while it’s always still beautiful to see the snow falling, now it’s more annoying than anything. I’m not gonna play in the snow, I’m just going to end up shoveling it and sweeping it, and cleaning off clothes and tires.

Which is why what these people in China did is so cool. They got a load of snow, but instead of sweeping it away, they strategically moved it around and built a tribute to the retiring Kobe Bryant. Pretty incredible stuff…


  1. dan says:

    you are a terrible writer. no one cares where u grew up either… I cant wait until I don’t see lang w. on nba,com any more

    • Ovace says:

      I second that opinion, why is there a random hyphen after disappointing, a comma would have sufficed. Also, there is a comma after now and another after though which does not make sense, there should be only one.

      • Well says:

        As for the first part, he could have used a semicolon or period to separate the two thoughts / sentences. However, he elected to use a dash to expand on the topic, which is his disappointment, and explain the reasoning behind it.

        Secondly, “Now, though, I live in New York City…” is correct. The though suggests that he now resides in a different city than in the past. If the comma after though was removed, it would have changed the meaning of the entire sentence to something like, “Although I live in New York City now…” and the rest of his sentence would not have made sense.

        Regardless of whether you like his works or not, I personally do not see any grammatical errors in this one.

    • Joe says:

      Kinda agree with you on this

  2. Lang has a great and clever sense of humor. Glad he is a member of the all-star NBA reporting team. Keep up the good work Lang!

  3. johnnytc1 says:

    You idiots! It never snows in Kowloon Hong Kong. It is the same climate as south Florida! don’t worry you have Johnny breaking it down for you all year long here on ,,,,,

    • hotrod says:

      I live in Hong Kong and locals have never seen snow here.
      Lang – I understand you want to give the reader an introduction but I just want to know about Kobe, not you, sorry.

      • Leo says:

        The truth is this Hong Kong guy plagiarize these figures from a Chinese fan and posted it on his twitter without mention the resource.

    • Leo says:

      It’s not created in Hong Kong. Some Chinese fans from Northeast china did this. These pictures is so popular in Chinese social media. This Hong Kong guy copied them and posted on his twitter.

  4. Pimpen says:

    Seriously? you losers had to pick on the writer? holy fuq, you must’ve missed everything in school!
    just so you know, whether he writes about himself or Kobe, the story remains the same!! Its what they did in the snow for Kobe.
    So, please, fuq yourselves on behalf of all of us who had to waste time over your bickering!

  5. Reginald Connors says:

    I appreciated your story a lot. You know it’s getting scary that personal opinions are understood the wrong way. I’m working on tougher skin,because hearing from people that differ from me is very valuable if I can hear it without over reacting. Basketball fans in China unlike some fans, I did say some fans-not all y’all, are able to keep their personal beliefs, and dislikes in check.They simply watch entertainers they like and don’t watch the ones they don’t.They know that Kobe for over a decade was able to do it all on the court.Every skill at the highest level. To ask where he ranks is a joke, and is he the greatest laker is even funnier.He’s not liked by a lot, but most do like, and respect his greatness. You must look at the skills needed to play a sport, and then the desire to do what it takes to win, and win.Longevity is also key. Yes, being liked by all is kool, but it’s not a need.I am waiting for anyone to name five players in history, including right now, with Kobe’s skill set, level, fire and desire, along with the accomplishments.You can not find five.Magic, Kareem, Wilt, Bird, The Big O, Bill Russell, Doctor J, Moses, etc.All great but none of them could do as many things as Kobe on the court, and a few played no defense. All of them are Hall of Famers.

  6. Joseph023 says:

    lol no respect in the world anymore, this guy is trying to earn a living and you guys have nothing better to do than to pick him apart . Its Christmas in two weeks , have you no joy in your life to appreciate ?


  7. Kobe Jelly bean Bryant says:

    @Johnny TC & Hot rod

    Since when is Hong Kong = China? Did Lang mentioned Hong Kong in his post?

    The poster was from Kowloon Hong Kong. He could have get the picture from China.

    Lang mentioned China, didn’t say anything about Hong Kong.

    We all know China snows, Hong Kong never gets snows.

    No need to get too hard on Lang.

    • Ringo Wu says:

      Chill dude. We all know why the tweet location can’t be in China.

    • Leo says:

      Lang did’t say Hong Kong = China. He said some Chinese fans did this which is true. Some fans from Northeast china made this and posted on chinese social media (chinese reddit). The Hong Kong guy plagiarize it and posted on his twitter.

  8. allLightMookieAllenDom says:

    Kobe did so much in Nba , up’s in downs but showed finally a lot of determination in his basket-ball like in 2006 35,4 pts deserved the mvp evidently (and not dissrespect steve nash but stoudemire or shawn marion the other mvp title he had!),and bodywork ,emphasis fame is impressive too;still Allen Iverson deserved too a Championship ,important to say.Also Dominique Wilkins ,Julius Erving and even Jordan are better BLOCKER,STEALER and SUPER-LEGEND TYPE than Kobe.(L ang ,has right to speak of his personal life if he wants etc.)

  9. Thomas says:

    Lang headed SLAM magazine for years.
    This makes him infinitely cooler than
    And infinitely cooler than people who comment on blog post punctuation.

    If you don’t like the article, just don’t read it.

    Merry Christmas everyone !

  10. Keith says:

    Ya’ll are so cold. I should chisel a Kobe face, out, of, your – heart. lol

    (Metaphorically of course)

    *Location – South Florida

  11. johnnytc1h says:

    Great work on photoshop! But can’t we see some more of da king? You know we need to see more of da king, the most hated sports figure in all of sports. I try to feel sorry for him.. But then, i just think it’s da king…. So I don’t…