Lakers fan gets Kobe Bryant tribute cut into his hair

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen a few NBA fans show their devotion to different players by getting portraits of those players shaved into their hair. The latest fan to plop down in the barber chair? A Lakers fan named Marcus McQueen who was at their game last night in Minnesota, who sat for over three hours to get this picture of Kobe Bryant on his dome…

(via B/R)


  1. rena says:

    One of the Dummies thing that I have ever heard in a long time

  2. MemesAF says:

    Kid: Aye fam hook me up with a Kobe
    Barber: Say no more

  3. Ry says:

    Kobe should have signed his melon for his trouble

  4. MemeMan says:

    Why Kobe looking like the new Lord Voldemort?

  5. pat oslon says:

    Mamba Rules!

  6. Sean williams says:

    That’s hella dope love it

  7. johnnytc1 says:

    king is really going to be pissed. I’m sure king wanted to do this but most of his hair is falling out. what little hair king has left it’s getting really dark? king have you got into the Just for Men bottle? C’mon king you can tell us….