Russell Westbrook makes fan’s wish come true

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This summer in Oklahoma, 13-year-old Janneh Britton was shot and injured while riding his bike near his parent’s business. Local TV station KOCO recently did a piece on Janneh’s arduous recovery from spinal cord surgery, explaining how he had just one wish: To meet Thunder guard Russell Westbrook.

And so on Monday, an off day for the Thunder, Westbrook made Janneh’s dream come true by showing up unannounced at the hospital


  1. Cranetrain says:

    That is truly a blessing!

  2. Michael Platsis says:

    That is what superstars are all about ! I have gained enormous respect for the guy !

  3. Jakki Cee says:

    I met him while i was shopping in Beverly Hills and he was so nice.

  4. Kim Low says:

    Omg!!! Russell you are the best!!