The Chicago Bulls present A Holiday Scrimmage

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — What is the best way to get into the holiday spirit? A beautifully decorated tree? Twinkling lights? An ugly sweater?

The Chicago Bulls have their own answer: They invited the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra to a recent practice, and had them surround the court and perform “Sleigh Ride” while the team scrimmaged. Note to future Bulls opponents: If you play “Sleigh Ride” during a game, you may accidentally inspire them to a higher level of performance.

VIDEO: Bulls Ride

And here’s a behind the scenes look at how it came together…

VIDEO: Bulls Behind the Sleigh

One Comment

  1. Mye Estrada says:

    Chicago Bulls had their holiday spirits delivered in a different way and tastefully. I love it that I always play their holiday scrimmage all day since yesterday. Thanks to Chicago Bulls creative team for this wonderful holiday video.