Dirk Nowitzki dominates against little kid

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Watching NBA players against little kids is always fun, and this clip of Dirk Nowitzki going one-on-one against former teammate Brian Cardinal‘s son is no exception. Not only does Dirk get the bucket — by employing a rip move — against the kid, he jokingly complains about the no-call as well.

(via FTW)


  1. Stambou says:

    He travels even against that kido, just watch how he changes his pivot at least two times. Damn I love NBA, but why so much travel, especially nowadays…

  2. scOOBay says:

    I can’t see him neither “dominating” this kid or trash talking. He let him get to the basket and didn’t try to block 2 times.
    And Dirk said that Brian Cardinals son got better handle than his father.
    @ Lang Whitaker: Get a new job. Your articles are getting more worst every day.