Kobe Bryant is a hero and a villain

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’re a fan of the Lakers or Kobe Bryant, he is most likely your hero. If you’re a fan of whatever team Kobe is playing against on any given night, he is most likely your villain. When you’re playing the game, you want to channel the villain and unleash the hero.

It seems as though the Mamba has embraced this duality, as he recently put up merchandise for sale on his website featuring a “Hero/Villain” logo. And the Lakers tweeted out a video that explains it all…


  1. T.D. says:

    Become the villain and recapture the league! Get those scrubs and coach Scott to stop acting like a bunch of rookies and remember what got this franchise to where it was when it competed at the highest level and you could still go out a winner! The fair well tour and sentimental stuff needs to be put on the shelf.. It’s making you look soft Kobe! Be the dang villain and make the coach and them scrubs compete THIS SEASON.

  2. Reginald Connors says:

    Please,please, people,people, this is it. No matter what we say or think the Lakers this season will not do anything much better.On the subject of Kobe shooting too much, I don’t see anyone asking to shoot.The Lakers are making tons of money this year, in 100 countries.They have a TV deal that is more money than what more than half of the NBA teams have made the last 3 years. And the TV people knew the Lakers were not championship bound.All they demanded was Kobe being on the court. So the Lakers are in strictly business mode. They need talent,but don’t think the young Lakers can’t get better from the Kobe tour. Love him or hate him he’s a international superstar, and not much will change after the last game.