Steph Curry’s pregame warmup is awesome

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A couple of weeks ago, the Golden State Warriors were in Brooklyn, my backyard, to take on the Nets. I arrived at the game a couple of hours early, as I usually do, to make sure I was there in time for the pregame press conferences. Usually when I arrive at a game, the only fans there are a couple of die-hards, waiting for the gates to open. This time, when I stepped out of the subway station, there were hundreds if not thousands of fans, lined up and waiting to get in. What was different about this game?

Steph Curry. The reigning MVP and the best player on the best team was in town, and fans wanted to get there early not only to see him play against the Nets, but to see him go up against himself in his epic pregame warmup routine. At this point, his pregame warmup draws fans specifically to see it, as he works on his dribbling, and then shows off his incredible range on the court, and even off the court.

It’s become a thing, and it’s pretty cool to watch in person. If you can’t get there in person, here’s a recent feature on Curry’s pregame from a Warriors broadcast, with his trainer talking through some of what he’s doing.

VIDEO: Curry warmup


  1. domingo says:

    amazing player!

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    I think da kings warm up is better. da kings comes with a light show. the lights come down and put a shine,glare and reflection off da kings balding dome. Some times they even have color. its quite a site.

  3. I hate to say… he took several of Kyrie pregame practices. I saw him watching Irving at USA Basketball pregame.
    When Irving was practice all his dribble moves first. Before Kyrie began shooting.
    Of course Irving won MVP for USA Basketball.

  4. Mark says:

    The dribble drills aren’t anything I haven’t seen CP3 do in the past. Granted, Curry is the best shooter we’ve ever seen – for that reason he’s getting all the attention but IMO, CP3 is a much better floor general … AST:TOV ratio is clear.

    • Oyvind says:

      Ricky Rubio has a better AST/TOV ratio, still doesn’t man him better than CP3. Curry is the best because he is the most complete player

  5. soroush says:

    He can even takeover from MJ!!!!