Larry Nance Jr. asks Shaq for a Golden Ticket

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Not much has gone right for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, and that struggle continued yesterday during their game against the Clippers yesterday, when forward Larry Nance Jr. tipped a rebound into the basket. The wrong basket.

Following the game, certain that his shot was going to get him nominated to this week’s “Shaqtin’ A Fool” on TNT, Nance attempted to save himself the grief by asking for help from a former Laker great.

One week ago, in a giving mood during the holiday season, Shaquille O’Neal announced a special one time only offer of amnesty. Make a mistake, and then ask Shaq for a Golden Ticket, and receive a lifetime exemption from Shaqtin’ A Fool…

Late last night, Nance wisely invoked the Golden Ticket offer via Twitter…

And early this morning, via Shaqtin’ producer Mike Goldfarb, we got an official ruling. Larry Nance Jr. is now off the hook…


  1. Kalbo!! says:

    Kill joy!!

  2. Lifetime says:

    Lifetime for the golden ticket? I think it should only be 365 days from the time you make the mistake. but lifetime????? You know Javale McGee is going to buy that ticket from LN Jr. for a very very high price.

  3. Cahlil says:

    Larry Nancy jr. Big fan lucky u