Someone please high five DeMarcus Cousins

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Look, DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t ask for much. Play hard, leave it all on the court, and above all else, complete all high fives.

We saw something similar earlier this season when Boogie accidentally left his teammate Kosta Koufos hanging on a high five, then took to Twitter after the game to complete the high five.

Last night, just before halftime, Boogie reached for a high five that wasn’t returned. And in that instance, what do you do? Well, Boogie completed the high five himself…


  1. That’s a broken team, they don’t have what it takes as yet to understand how important it is to play together as a team. They need team and coach counselling. Good luck guys!

  2. Lance Walton says:

    Self high five! *Diamond Dallas Page music starts*

  3. raffle says:

    I like the kings this year. if they stay healthy, they are in the discussion.
    and boogie was right to walk out in golden state. 5 fouls. high 5, right.