Happy Birthday LeBron James

CLEVELAND - AUGUST 1: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers poses for a portrait on August 1, 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License agreement. (Photo by Chris Covatta/NBAE via Getty Images)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Welcome to an occasionally recurring feature here on All Ball, in which we celebrate the birthday of an NBA great by delving into the highlight vaults. And today we recognize the birthday of one of the greatest players in NBA history, LeBron James.

Born in Akron, Ohio, LeBron entered the NBA straight out of high school in 2003, and spent his first seven seasons with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. He then famously took his talents to South Beach, joining the Miami Heat and teaming with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to make four consecutive visits to the NBA Finals, winning two titles. He returned home to the Cavs last summer, and helped the Cavs reach the NBA Finals last season, where they lost to the Golden State Warriors. He has won two NBA Finals MVP awards, been the NBA MVP four times, and been an 11-time All-Star.

LeBron turns 31 years old today. Happy birthday, Bron!

VIDEO: LeBron James’ NBA debut

VIDEO: LeBron’s Top 30


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    Happy b-day to da king. i find it amazing that no one else gets their b-day acknowledged…. Hmmmm
    Well, I guess the Cav’s should celebrate something… Let’s see, They’ve done a State Farm commercial, danced with the Raptor Cheerleaders, bought cotton candy in the stands during a game, selfies wit da king, a pitty filled Christmas video etc.
    da king and his merry men and their antics. Congrats on your brief west coast trip you should be thrilled to be 2-2. We’ve added a few games for you. Instead of playing SAS, GSW, MH, Chi, LAC. OKC we’ve changed the schedule to play; Cleveland State, Youngstown State, Kent State and of course The University of Akron. We’re going to try everything to get you into the playoffs…

  2. Ethel murray says:

    Happy birthday Lebron James I love the 30 play it was beautiful

  3. Warren Cobbs says:

    Happy Birthday young Man and many many more. True fan from day 1, It’s been a pleasure watching you at home and in Miami with my other favorite Dwayne Wade. Continue to lead by example continue to motivate your team mates . It’s to bad and should be Illegal the league has taking away you guys 1st Amendment rights,We,re out here watching every play and we see what some of the refs are doing. Stephen Curry is very good but we all KNOW you were last years finals MVP. Bless you and your Family and Thanks again for all the wonderful memories-Stay healthy-Go Cavaliers. . . .

  4. John says:

    Doing what MJ did but at a bigger size and faster. Rings don’t define a career, because if they do Robert Horry is top 5 all time. He is the greatest of all time.

  5. Happy birthday to the best in the world and I am bronny’s number one fan and the team too and 31 is just a number that is just there to remind LeBron of the more greater his accomplishments are becoming and showing him the closer he is to the hall of fame and I would like to say every since I was seven I have believed in LeBron from the first time I laid eyes on him and I’m thirteen so I would like to wish him a safe birthday for him and Savannah and the family and team and just a note I will continue to stand by him as I have since the day I laid eyes on him I love you LeBron and all that you do and you have made me realize that I have to push myself in all that I do not just my sports I play and I want to specially thank you LeBron for that because I learned that we have more in common than I thought because I had the exact same upbringing and I worship you for that and THANK YOU from the BOTTOM of my HEART and happy birthday .

  6. Diane Walker says:

    Happy B-day baby boy. Mean that in the best sense. Anybody under forty is definitely still young. I know LBJ is a young man. But we the fans and media have been knowing him somewhat since he was 12 or 13 years old. Turned into a wonderful young man. Lebron James is still beautiful to look at. Definitely great eye candy and even better basketball player. It’s your day, best is yet to come

  7. Mike Mupipi says:

    Happy birthday Lebron. May God be the provider and gives to you all you desire. May you and your team win this NBA final next year for your town and everyone else in the world. Enjoy and may God bless…

  8. S. Eligon says:

    Happy Birthday Lebron from a Boston Celtics Fan. I wish you the best. Continue to be a role model. I hope you bring a championship to Cleveland. Don,t give up. You are bless . I love your story.

  9. Alberz says:

    Happy birthday King Lebron James ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Andrew says:

    Happy B-day Lebron!

  11. Andrew says:

    Happy B-day LeBron! You deserve it! MVP!!!

  12. Austin says:

    Lebron you out there because if you are you need to watch this. Where did this LBJ go that LBJ was hungry you could see it in your face man. I’m telling you that that hunger is gone you look like you’re so busy out there being a coach on the floor you forgot you’re a player you’re the player the best player and you made sure everyone on that court that night or any night knew it. You need to start going out and having fun again but having fun by competing at your highest level every single night. You do this go back to the way you were in Miami and you will bring us a championship because you are the best.

  13. Hoyt L. Ross says:

    Happy Birthday LBJ!

  14. Jordan says:

    Happy birthday Lebron I am a really big fan I hope you win the NBA finals and God bless you. P.S I am a 5th grader that lives in Salisbury NC and I go to a school called isenberg elementary. BALLISLIFE I hope to be like you one day cause I really like basketball and you are a really talented player.

  15. Nik says:

    Happy 1 billionth second Lebron!

  16. kimberly says:

    Happy Birthday LeBron James

  17. Surendra Kumar says:

    I wish you happy birthday LeBron

  18. Wes Pollas says:

    All hail the king on his birthday!! Many blessings to ya and beyond! Yo Bron, I’ve been a fan since day 1 and it’s been a pleasure watching you play this game. In my mind you’re a hybrid of Jordan, Magic and the Big O and no one with the exception of Magic makes others better. I look forward to seeing your future accomplishments in and off the court. I know when it’s all said and done you will go down as arguably the greatest all around player to play this game. Continue to dominate and stay healthy. Much respect!!


  19. ed johnson says:

    Hello LeBron,

    I would like to tell you happy Birthday!
    you are a great player and dont let the haters leave a dent on you, If you believe you are the greatest of all time then you are indeed the greatest of all time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    this your 14th season in the league and you have built up a strong and expanded basketball IQ over your years in the NBA I Hope that that will help you beat the spurs in the finals this year,

    Have a good 31 King James!


    Your number 1 fan from Coshocton Ohio, Raaed

  20. Dougie says:

    Happy birthday! get you some rest. you have earned it.

  21. sean says:

    Lebron you ll go down as the greatest ever when its all said and done

    happy 31st

  22. wjs says:

    Why don’t you put his 31st birthday pic up? Wow! What a difference! I do hope all that aging isn’t from roids….

  23. Ercan Sabanci says:

    Happy birthday Lebron.we have not seen a player like you.we know you are machine.Just stay healthy do what you will do.When you finish your career you will have more success than jordan!

  24. bob korngold says:



    Teach tens of thousands of kids 5 and older HOW TO READ.


    Happy New Year.

    Bob Korngold

  25. Avi says:

    Lebron your are one of my favorite of all time. Keep doing great stuff in Cleveland with your amazing teammates. You are MVP!

  26. Kimisopa png says:

    Happy birthday King.

    I ve been following you since your debut in the NBA

    There is only one King and that is LBJ

    Go on enjoy your King

    God bless

  27. Ricardo Detres says:

    Happy birthday and best wishes. I always enjoy watching you play. Good luck the rest the season.

  28. leshara says:

    Happy B day LeBron may u stay strong and positive. And remember if you do not have any haters that mean you are forgettable.

  29. TheKing0522 says:

    Happy Birthday LeBron. I am a huge fan of you. A player that has never gotten in any trouble with the law, a man with the same woman since high school and a man with a beautiful family. All the best to you. You are the definition of a true leader.

  30. SCRUGGS, STEVEN says:


  31. Jacek says:

    Happy Birthday Lebron!!!

  32. LBJ sucks says:

    another year over 30 and still only 2 rings and 0 with out bosh and wade holding your hand. Your numbers are quickly doping as well and yet you call yourself King after bailing out of many late game situations including the finals. Thats when you did not chock and miss every one of your shots including FT in the final 2 mins. But thats ok just like Messi fans he is the GOAT and humble. your supposed to be GOAT you wont even be a top 10 all time. The best he will be remembered for was turning his back on his hometown and left for his 4 best years 25-29 then left the team that brought him success to try to repair his reputation with Cleveland but at then end when he has won nothing for the CAVS he will just be an over rated title chaser Neither fan base should be crazy about but are to much of a fan wagoner and needs the ESPN and other sports media to tell them who to like. Steph Curry is already more accomplished and way more accomplished than LBJ was at that point of his career. Im not a cobe fan but LBJ makes m respect what he actually brought bc he is a true great and continues to battle in situations LBJ looks for an easy way out ad also unlike LBJ he gives 100 and leaves everything he has on the cort for his fans no matter what city bc he him self said it could be that one fans chance in the stands to see him play and he did not want to disappoint that one fan. Yet LBJ calls himseal King James and everybody calls im humble. What a joke

  33. J.Ogunleye says:

    Happy Birthday Lebron James! You the man!!!

  34. J.Ogunleye says:

    Happy Birthday Lebron James! You inspire me to keep playing the game I love. P.S. You’re sons are AMAZING ballerz.

  35. johnnytc1 says:

    @lbjsucks… You couldn’t of said it better! intelligent people see da king and who he really is. i’m looking forward to seeing his next level of antics after da cavs loose another playoff series. da king won’t be taken his talents anywhere because all the owners realize he’s a cancer to an organization. Why don’t they put his 31 year old pick up? Because he looks 51.

  36. RobbieD says:

    HAPPY B-DAY and everyday of your amazing life. You are KING of the COURT and your accomplishments speak for themselves. Having a HEART like yours in the entertainment arena of basketball and enhancing the lives of millions while on and off the court makes this world a better place.
    AGAIN, KING JAMES, YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! No other is as complete a player as you. You represent basketball on the whole! May this be a most positively memorable year for you!

  37. tanibanana says:

    Happy Birthday King James…

  38. Ermie Downs says:

    To my most favorite NBA player, wishing a championship for you and the Cleveland team. Stay healthy and will be praying for that trophy for you.

  39. Number one fan says:

    Happy birthday LeBron u earn it, joy your special day, but work isn’t done yet let’s get that championship. 2 and 6 is about to be 3 and 7

  40. Lebron James, AKA the Beast, AKA the King, is the greatest player of all time, as proven by the top 30 plays video. Happy B-day, King. Hope you make the Finals. When you get there, go wreck the Warriors. Posterize Curry!

  41. jerry thomas says:

    Happy b day have fun it’s time to get busy . show golden state who the Cavs really is thanks for all u do.

  42. Benjie says:

    Happy Birthday Lebron, I am a big fan of your game, I always watch your game, I wish for you another championship and another MVP. Change for the better, keep humble and keep on praying. Good Luck.

  43. joe says:

    lbj averaged 36 14 and 8 in the finals… absurd.

  44. Rehnee says:

    Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to ever play the game…..it’s been a pleasure to watch your talents on the court from day one and it still is today. I can’t wait to see what’s still to come.

  45. DP says:

    Happy B-day James, this mix is sick btw

  46. johnnytc1 says:

    @joe…. Yep, that’s what he averaged. Also 37% from the floor. That’s why you don’t win championships. If you’re going to take as many shots as da king does you better make them. It’s always about da king!

    • Rae says:

      johnnytc1….I guess that’s why the king has 2 rings and has been to the finals 6 times……Stop hating

  47. johnnytc1 says:

    @rae…. rae rae rae…. da king has two rings because of DW, CB, RA, SB… no hating here… i enjoy the nba everyday laughing my butt off at da king and his antics….