Cavs fan updates ‘2015 NBA Champs’ tattoo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months ago, just before the NBA Finals tipped off, we met a Cleveland Cavaliers fan who celebrated their Finals trip by getting a “2015 NBA Champs” tattoo. It was both confident and aspirational, and in retrospect it was also, well, wrong. The Golden State Warriors, of course, ended up being the 2015 Champs, making the Cavs tattoo incorrect.

But this story has a happy ending! Earlier today, the NBA on TNT Twitter account tweeted out a photo of the tattoo, asking followers to retweet if they had a better year than the Cavs 2015 NBA Champs tattoo guy. And the original Cavs fan responded with an image of his freshly updated tattoo, which is suddenly relevant again…


  1. Mr fan, you da real MVP!

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    So mesmorized with hope. Don’t spoil tat guys new year, but da king and his merry men aren’t even close to winning a title.

  3. jesse says:

    wow, so so so sad, what you gon change the 2016 to this year??? i suppose you could just write ‘Almost’ above ‘2016 NBA’ cause they not even gon be in the finals this year…

  4. He gonna have to get it covered up. Lol.

  5. johnnytc1 says:

    @jesse…. u b breakin it doun so good. yep, we’s b noin dat dey won’t b in da finals. but we have to admit. da cav’s and all their antics are hilarious! they think they’re are the GSW. Da cav’s live in a fantasy land. I guess that’s why they call it “The Land”.

  6. Raptor4Life says:

    While I appreciate any fan, regardless of team, that demonstrates this level of “hardcore”…. how many times can you over-write a tattoo before your arm falls off ???

  7. skunk says:

    it’s gonna be hilarious when he has to replace the 1 with a 2

  8. johnnytc1 says:

    I think he should but one of da king on his chest and one of shumpert on his back. but leave some room for shumperts because his hair is still growing….

  9. dff says:

    more like 3016

  10. JP says:

    Cavs fan is going to have to get his tattoo updated “not one, not two, not three, not four” times

  11. johnnytc1 says:

    Oh yes. They do hope for it sooooo badly. But they’re not even close. Let’s be realistic, what would okc sas sgw lac etc do to them in a 7 game series. I believe the cav’s would win one.

  12. Warriors No.1 says:

    Cavs fans will be disappointed this year. Either Warriors or Spurs are much better teams compared to Cavs. So either Warriors or Spurs make it to the finals, they will win the title for sure. Cavs play like chicken without heads. When they play against good teams, they play horribly. Cavs will not win the title for sure!!!

  13. Sally says:

    Keep on dreaming all you Warrior Fans that can’t spell, you don’t know anything about basketball either. Ha Ha Cavs laying in wait IN CASE warriors make it there, they will be all beat up by post season, don’t think we have to worry about warriors at all. Go Cavs !!

  14. Brad says:

    I think it says 2076 (look at it again). Seems about right to me πŸ™‚

  15. Brad says:

    Looks like he’s up’ed it to 2076 (look at it again). Seems about right to me.. πŸ™‚

  16. John says:

    He stupid if he thinks that’s gone happen

  17. Mutombo says:

    This hand holding the cup looks like Curry’s πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

  18. See red says:

    He’s gonna have to change it again….

  19. johnnytc1 says:

    The east is sooooooo bad! Maybe da king and his merry men will come out of it. but when they do the west will destroy them in 5 games… So sorry cav fan. another year of disappointment.