The Top 10 Plays of 2015

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The countdown is officially on, and we are just hours away from the end of 2015. But before you put on your party hat and celebrate, take a moment and check out the top 10 NBA plays of the 2015 calendar year, with some amazing blocks, shots and dunks…

VIDEO: Top 10 of 2015


  1. Abhi says:

    Curry for lunch and supper.

  2. Terrab says:

    Westbrook with .7 seconds left throwing it in to himself off the back of Rodney Hood and then making the shot really should have been on that list.

  3. Gerray Thomas says:

    It’s great for basketball that Steph Curry is so amazing. For the past fifty years height was everything but the 3-point one and the bewildering dribble-skills of Steph Curry have, thankfully, changed that. Every six-foot-plus guy can now dream of stardom. Thank you Steph.

  4. aubs67 says:

    Still not sure exactly how Roses buzzer beater is better than Curry’s.
    Rose missed so badly that it hit bank and went in.
    Not even a Curry or GS fan btw.

    Not that impressed with the selection tbh. At least half could have been replaced with amazing dunks and blocks

  5. Sven says:

    Steve Kerr’s face 🙂