Warriors are giving away a bobblehead of Klay Thompson and his dog Rocco

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Warriors guard Klay Thompson has a pet dog named Rocco, which he has enjoys posting pictures of on social media…

Now the Warriors are honoring the dynamic duo by giving away a bobblehead of Klay and Rocco to fans…

VIDEO: Klay and Rocco

And they are not only giving away 10,000 bobbleheads that fans can collect, but they’re also giving one fan a life-sized version of Klay and Rocco…



  1. Raptor4Life says:

    As far as bobbleheads go, this may very well be the GOAT !!!

  2. lbj says:

    No matter if Warriors gives bubblehead of all of this players to people they won’t get their 2nd ring they need to play with our king “LeBron”. We will trade James Jones, Richard Jefferson plus future 1st round pick to Klay Thompson and Dreymond Green if they want to get his 2nd ring.

    PG: Kyrie Irving
    SG: Klay Thompson
    SF: Dreymond Green
    PF: LeBron James
    C: Tristan Thompson

    1st championship for Cleveland and 3 ring for our king “LeBron”!!!

  3. Tj says:

    I hope to win

  4. Diablito says:

    Green and Thompson are the champs in Golden State,they dont your Lebron!

  5. hello says:

    “our king Lebron”
    everytime i see someone comment that
    im like …………..

  6. DKV says:

    Haha, that’s a joke. Warriors have a better roster. We will never trade Klay or Green!

  7. STOP says:

    lbj get on with your life stop crying over last year cavs are cursed face it

  8. Opleez says:

    Amazing how people think just because LeBron is on their team that it means automatic Championships.

    Klay and Draymond will NEVER be traded