A marriage forged by a love of Dwyane Wade

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Miami Heat hosted the New Orleans Pelicans on Christmas day, but there was also a pretty special couple in attendance. Two fans of Dwyane Wade, named Yuancheng and Shurong, who met back in high school in China, thanks to a mutual appreciation for all things Dwyane Wade. They eventually went from dating to marriage, with an assist from Wade along the way, and they also went from China to Boston, to attend college. And for the Christmas game, the couple came down to Miami and were able to visit with Wade again…

VIDEO: Wade Love Story


  1. Ryan says:

    I’m not a fan of DW, but respect for him for this kind gesture…

  2. Lil John John says:

    This is obviously true love. “You like wade I like wade , let’s do this!” Hey I like Lebron, Kobe, kg, Chris Paul, Marc gasol and all them. If anyone else does we should marry. Main question tho: Do they talk about wade in the bedroom?