Detroit Pistons raise All-Star awareness for Andre Drummond

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In the most recent round of All-Star voting, Pistons forward Andre Drummond was among the top three frontcourt players in the Eastern Conference, meaning if the voting results hold, Drummond will be an All-Star starter. But voting isn’t over, and with Carmelo Anthony only about 6,000 votes behind Drummond, it will clearly go down to the wire. So to get the word out and attempt to rally the city of Detroit around Drummond’s campaign, the Pistons sent their mascot, Hooper, as well as a superfan and their famous Dancing Usher to a Detroit City Council meeting to get their campaign on the record…

VIDEO: Pistons City Council


  1. Ricardo Forbes says:

    It would be a profound feat for both Andre Drummond and the City of Detroit, if this comes to fruition. It would be well deserving.

    I’M VOTING FOR ANDRE DRUMMOND TO BE 2016 EAST NBA STARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL YOU??????????????????

    I’m voting for Andre and I’m all the way in California. I’ve never even been to Detroit.

    (By the way, one of the reasons I’m voting is because he’s JAMAICAN and I am too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) HAHAHA

    • lbj says:

      Andre Drummond playing in Detroit won’t let him play in East All Star even getting a ring. He needs to play with our “king” LeBron. We will trade Josh McRobert, Amare Stoudamire plus future 1st round picks to Detroit.

      PG: Irving
      SG: Dellavedova
      SF: James
      PF: Love
      C: Drummond

      1st ring for Drummond and Cleveland and 3rd ring for our “king” LeBron!!

  2. PRINZ JUNIOR says:

    ANDRE DRUMMOND AS AN all star> yes BUT East conference starter > NOOOOOOOO.

  3. Ricardo Forbes says:

    the overly obsessed Lebron fan. I guess the only way that anyone can win a ring in your estimation, is to play with Lebron in Cleveland. Right? I’ll have you know that, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are poised to be NBA champions in the near future.