LeBron James surprised by Dallas Cowboys mascot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Even though he hails from Ohio, LeBron James has always made one thing clear: He is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys. So with the Cavaliers in Dallas, LeBron’s trainer Mike set up a surprise welcome for LeBron when arrives to his hotel room: Dallas Cowboys mascot Rowdy.

VIDEO: LeBron surprise


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    way da go king. spreading more of your BS i see. By the way congrats on beating the 76’s for the third time this year! Dallas and SAS this week. Finally you’re going to play a decent team.

  2. Kdre says:

    So u r saying they should skip those games….??? I don’t get it. It says cle vs 76ers . So the cavs should just tell the nba they won’t play . As long as a team is in the NBA they will get whoop… Sorry or not

  3. johnnytc1 says:

    Thanks KJ for helping me out. I think da king should put Cleveland State, Youngstown State and University of Akron on their schedule too.

  4. TheDon216 says:

    We beat Dallas though. Silence haters

  5. johnnytc1 says:

    Ahhhh Sweet Sally… Now you know i love da king! If the NBA didn’t have da king, GSW and SAS it would be a very boring place.
    I can’t wait to check NBA.com everyday to see what da king has done next because I see where it’s all going. He will not finish well. Yes they can beat the 76’s and BKL etc. But they have no answers except chaos when they play good teams. Sally, what do you think, should da king start to consider going MJ or Kobe and shave his balding dome ? He will have to end up doing that, But he won’t be getting the championships like those two. Yes, keep it up Cav’s you make us laugh everyday!

  6. NaVivan says:

    Johnnytc1, get a life. Da king is already married man!. Is there not a team u r rooting for?. U r acting like those dudes who like a girl but don’t know how to approach her, or what to say so instead u hurl abuses and try to be mean to get that person’s attention. Get off da king’s back man!. By the way, Dallas got toppled last night. Digest that! Reply.

  7. johnnytc1 says:

    Hey Na, Don’t worry, I’ve not changed teams… I hope you get what i mean? But if I do ever change sides da king wouldn’t be da first choice… Dallas? Toppled? Da king and his merry men got lucky in overtime. Da king has SAS tomorrow night I guess we’ll see what happens.

  8. Jake says:

    The Cavs schedule isn’t any different than others teams in the east. We play the same teams, both east and west teams but the order may be different. Golden State has had an easy schedule so far and eventually they will play the tougher teams. Whether the Cavs win or lose in SA, in the end the Cavs will win it all. They have better players and are smarter.

  9. Jake says:

    Who’s this turkey Johnny boy punk spewing his nonsense? Go back to your blow up doll relationship you douschbag.

  10. Impressed says:

    London Game 2016 Color Commentators is the worst one in the NBA history I ever watch on NBA TV.

  11. johnnytc1 says:

    Hey Jake- this is punk Johnny… Know your facts, GSW and the other teams in the west don’t play the 76ers 4 times like the cav’s. They do not play the same schedule. So who is spewing non sense? Hmmmm… nonesense that the cav’s will win it all? Smarter? Most of the cav’s players can’t even string two sentences together. Maybe you think thats smart. My blow up doll? Ha ha…. I’ve not heard that one in awhile… don’t worry, johnny will keep da king and his merry men exposed all year long. Now let’s enjoy da king and his merry men get run out of the gym tonight.

  12. johnnytc1 says:

    It was so nice to see da king hugging everyone after another loss to a team over .500. I don’t get that? You just kust got destroyed by KL and you bouncing around the arena hugging people like you’re running for office…. I think he only missed two cheerleaders. da king and da cav’s rarely win playing against teams over .500. Just as Christmas day when GSW came out flat SAS did the same last night and still da king and his merry men couldn’t get the job done. king, you sure earn your nick name of le-choke! Again, nothing happening from you in the fourth quarter. oh, i get it, maybe your pacing yourself. da king’s fans are running out of excuses. Well you got tonight…. I think you should; “Fear the Beard” as it will be another loss…. Call up the 76ers and see if they need a game next week.