10 year old does amazing Stephen Curry impression

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERSteph Curry does things on the basketball court that nobody else can do. Well, almost nobody. Here’s a video of 10-year-old Noah Cutler, a fifth-grader in the Washington D.C. area, who does a pretty awesome Steph Curry impression…


  1. maddog says:

    omg i thought that stephen curry can do it but this boy is amazing

    • lbj says:

      This poor little boy doing a Steph Curry dribbling won’t give him a ring as a fan. He needs to do the powerful tomahawk slam like our “king” LeBron. Steph will not get his 2nd ring this year. He can’t win by just dribbling there is no score for having a good dribbling skills. LeBron will crashed them in Game 5 this year!

      • ALBERTO says:

        Honestly? Curry dribbles and gets away from the opposite guard with those amazing skills outside the 3 point line. He is open and a 40% 3-p shooter. Another player has to rush to cover him from the perimeter. Curry then gives the ball to the open man. If he is a good shooter, another player will have to rotate to cover him, not from the perimeter but a PF or a C. If he is not a good spot shooter, he goes to the basket, forcing a big man to come out to stop him. In any case, there will be a third open man, now below the basket, offering an easy shoot at close to 100%.

        Compare that to LeBron going for a slam dunk. LeBron may commit an offensive faul, lose the ball, have a difficult contested shot, get blocked (remember Pau’s block in the final play last month), etc.

        If I am a coach and I have high percentage outside shooters around my guard, I take Curry’s dribbling all night long.

      • ACT says:

        hey lbj this kid did score so i dont know what you are talking about

      • lanngerat says:

        Still haven’t gotten over the loss….shame. Steph is currently the best player in the world. They rings are going to San Antonio by the way.

      • Alan Gallivan says:

        uhh, you saw the finish, right?

      • Patski says:

        It shows that you know nothing. just a lame LBJ fanatic. Curry leads the league in scoring. how’s that?

      • Rayliteral says:

        Who is this guy. . Lbj. . This little fellow is just practicing and showing his skills. Nobody told u that for doing this he will be given a ring. And how do uknow that this year steph will not get his ring and lbj and the cavs will bag the championship. . Im not a fan of warriors. . But i play basketball here in the phillipines and i know that the ball is round not flat and nobody can tell whose gonma win it until the final buzzer will sound off. . ARE U GOD.?

  2. Daaaaayum says:

    That kid’s got some handles. White Chocolate’s long lost son, perhaps?

  3. RKB says:

    Just making it to the Finals does not guarantee NBA Championship either, Just ask Lebron 6 times only 2 rings

  4. Gilbert says:

    The kid sure has better handles than Jason William’s kid

  5. bremerton, Wa says:

    someone tell lbj that that kid doing that will give them a ring it already did… so that makes no sense… they don’t need “the king”. you know LeBron who gave himself that nickname…..

  6. Clarence says:

    Grabe ang galing!!!!

  7. lbj thums up says:

    ljb Bro, I come here to read your comments hahahahaha I guess reading your comments won’t give me any rings cuz I know Lebron probably never reads your comments either hahaha

  8. bsmack says:

    kid failed – he dribbled three times with his right hand – Curry dribbled only once with his right. Keep working kid.

  9. albert says:

    if you look closely Lebron James traveled in both videos

  10. Life Teacher says:

    This kid needs to focus in school and not basketball.

  11. Impressed says:

    London Game 2016 Color Commentators is the worst one in the NBA history I ever watch on NBA TV.

  12. JORDAN says:

    This guy has handles and the fact that he’s only 10, everybody including me should back off him on defense

  13. Wil says:

    Hey LBJ, your sick. This is about a kid who can do what curry’s dribbling skills. They aint talking bout lbj’s skill or what ever. stfu. Your lebron is 2-6 in the finals. Almost swept by the spurs. 3rd. he cant win without a superstar team mate. So stfu. this is about the kid’s talent.

  14. Mark Jackson says:

    This kid’s hurting the game.

  15. deeevaaa says:

    Here’s hoping the scouts are all out there watching and waiting.

  16. ggoyo says:

    Green should have got MVP, Curry is nobody without him. All that dribbling nonsense will not work in the upcoming playoffs. Their record is gonna get topped, Spurs or Clippers will crush them in playoffs, next season injuries will happen, and his shoes are untied.

  17. AC says:

    new PG for the Lakers!!! lol