Help the Sacramento Kings make their new court


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Next season the Sacramento Kings will move into the new Golden 1 Center, and they want your help in constructing a new court…as long as you’re not a fan of one of their rivals.

The Kings are asking fans to donate their used basketball shoes, which the Kings will use to create a cushion for their new floor…

A key piece in making the portable court for the in-arena game surface is a special foam underneath the base layer of wood.

That foam is essential in creating a cushioned environment for players and greater distribution of weight.

To help create it, the team is asking fans to donate their used basketball shoes, which will in turn be utilized in the foam’s manufacturing.

There are several ways you can donate, which are listed on the site. And of course, don’t miss the editor’s note…

*Editors Note:
This is a unique opportunity for fans to be a part of an important element of the new arena, so we kindly ask fans not to donate any Kobe’s. 😉


  1. dave says:

    Why wouldn’t they want to bury some Kobe’s under there and step on them?

    • lbj says:

      Having a new Sacramento King court won’t give them a ring. They need to play in the court of Cleveland with our “king” LeBron to win a ring. They will only win a ring if they will just a use all LeBron James shoes cushion on their court. No Kobe, No MJ, No Chamberlain even no Steph Curry should be mix on our “king” LeBron shoes

      • David filipiak says:

        Lebron is no king, he is a good basketball player who will never see a rimg this is obviously someone from far as the kings go the need alot of work if the want to see a ring anytime soon

      • Doesn't matter says:

        Uh didn’t your so called “king” leave town after he couldn’t win a title? Kobe and Michael never left their team.

      • Skrutz says:

        Having Lebron James won’t win Cleveland a ring. They need to invest in a cloning machine to create another “king” to play alongside our “king”, Lebron James. No Kobe, MJ, Chamberlain, or even Stephen Curry clones could compete.

      • JohnZ says:

        I missed you =) lbj

      • James says:

        if our “king” LeBron wants another ring he needs to run away and join the Spurs or the Warriors, or recruit more of his all star friends, the ones that aren’t above 30 and going downhill.

      • Rohit says:

        I am sick and tired of the fan votes for the All star game. They are ruining this special moment for players who work hard and deserve a spot. Demarcus Cousins is having his best year in his career. Third in scoring and fifth in rebounding. The fans have Zha Zha Pachulia with more votes than Cousins. The NBA needs to change how this travesty of a system you call fan voting. The league and coaches should decide the first ten spots in each conference and then let the fans vote for the final two or five reserves. Depending on if it’s a twelve or fifteen spot roster.

  2. mofoG says:

    The Kings front office is must have been very much affected from thier last Lakers-Kings home game in which the Lakers made the arena virtually thier own, with fans cheering NOT for the Kings but for Lakers… and ofcourse KOBE.

  3. tambe says:

    With kobe’s on the article, the word will spread more. Great strategy

  4. eesa1980 says:

    A mutli-million dollar franchise asking for shoe donations whilst some in the poorest parts of the world remain barefooted!

    You gotta love the NBA!

    • Eric Wang says:

      Can I correct you? Ok. Thanks! People in the poorest parts of the world, they really don’t care about shoes. They don’t really want shoes anyways. What they really want is food, not the canned crap that we donate to can drives, but actual food we eat all the time. Besides, even if they wanted shoes, wouldn’t it be better to buy new non-basketball shoes for all of them? Exactly. You are welcome.

      • eesa1980 says:

        I’ve been to some of the poorest parts of the world where kids (and adults) play soccer and basketball barefooted. They would appreciate a pair of old shoes to play in.

        If this is about sustainability and not saving cash then maybe the kings should donate a pair of new shoes to the poor for each pair that they receive as a donation!

    • Nabedane says:

      You didn’t get it my friend. It’s about sustainability…

    • Juggernaut77 says:

      It’s just a way of getting the fans involved.

      And when is the last time you sent a pair of your old sneakers to a poor person in the developing world?

      My guess is that you just threw them in the trash.

      At least this is recycling.

      • eesa1980 says:

        Most of my old shoes are still good enough to wear so the ones i dont want to keep get thrown in a charity bin which then in turn get either re-sold or given away to the less fortunate. I’ve also given a few pairs to friends for various reasons.

        I so not consider the Sacramento kings to be from the less fortunate.

    • Yhel says: each and everyone of them a pair of shoe then if you really feel sorry ’bout it. Blame their goverment while your at it.

  5. aloha says:

    there must be a better way than old shoes for cushion. I would recommend Charmin. Fitting for the Kings!!!!

  6. Bryant Mote says:

    Why wouldn’t they want some kobe under them, it wouldnt hurt. It may just help them make the playoffs for the first time in ten years.

  7. General Blue says:

    I live in Sacramento and I don’t even like the kings

  8. KyZiGuy says:

    King James is required. Cleveland Cavaliers are #1.