Here’s Timofey Mozgov riding a bear

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For the Cleveland Cavaliers’ home game on January 23, fans in attendance will receive a free winter hat. And who better to advertise a winter hat than Cavs center Timofey Mozgov, who hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, where winters can be fierce? To promote the hat, here’s a video of Mozgov riding a bear through the snow. I would totally watch a movie of this…

VIDEO: Mozgov riding bear


  1. lbj says:

    Timofey Mozgov riding a bear and playing with our “king” LeBron definitely and 100% sure will get him a ring this year! keep riding in a bear don’t worry our “king” LeBron will took care of the business and gives you a ring cowboy!

    • BlackMarauder says:

      Boy if u don’t stop commenting on these posts I’m boutta knock ur lbj looking hairline off your face (u commented on so many other posts)

  2. johnnytc1 says:

    now now lbj, I know you’re wanting a ring soooooo bad. But you’re are talking about da king and da cav’s correct? da king and his merry men won’t even get out of the east. As TM said in da cav’s Christmas video, nOOOOOO wAAAAYYYY. that is true there is NO Way that da king and his merry men will win anything except the funniest team in history. They could make a sitcom or a cartoon about da king and his merry men. Shumpert, Moscov, Deladova, Kevin Love, da king these are the biggest bunch of misfits in sports history. i do want to thank da king and his merry men for all the laughs so far this year. I can not wait for the press conference after da king and da cav’s loose yet another playoff series.

  3. johnnytc1 says:

    Wow! Someone else has a jbj looking hairline? Yikes! Well, at least them and da king can’t use the excuse of missing another shot because their hair was in their eyes.