LeBron pays tribute to Tim Duncan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At 39 years old and in his 19th NBA season, San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan has been a model of consistency. He may not be flashy, doesn’t seek out headlines, but Duncan gets results — 2 MVP awards, 3 NBA Finals MVP awards, as well as 5 NBA titles. While Duncan’s career is presumably winding down, he hasn’t shown many signs of stopping. Last night, his Spurs hosted and defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, to move to 35-6 and continue to solidify their place among the Western Conference elite.

And though Duncan doesn’t seek out attention, it still finds him. Following the game last night, LeBron James took to Instagram to pay tribute to “the Greatest PF to Ever play this game.”


  1. Leo says:

    LBJ got my respect for respecting the well deserved person like Tim Duncan

    • lbj says:

      Our “king” LeBron is so good inside and outside the court that’s the fact! But Timmy if you want to get your 6th ring and want to tied with the 2nd greatest player of all time MJ next to GOAT our “king” LeBron you need to play with him in Cleveland. We will trade Josh McRoberts, Amare Stoudamire and acquire Norris Cole “future hall of famer” via trade clause to make a 3 team trade deal.

      PG: Irving
      SG: James
      SF: Love
      PF: Duncan
      C: Mozgov

      2016, 2017 and 2018 champ once this happened!!!

      • seriously? says:

        Are you really saying that MJ (6-0 in Finals) is second to LBJ (2-4)? Or is my english too bad to understand you properly? I mean, LBJ definitely belongs to the all-time elite, but the GOAT? Seriously?

      • lbj2.0 says:

        very well said lbj sir.

      • really? says:

        hahaha. dude you are so out of your mind. we don’t need lebron to get our 6th ring. or it might be the other way around, the cavs need timmy for them to win the championship? 🙂 nothing against lebron though.

  2. Drew says:

    Lol “From one King to another.” Clown.

  3. Jezzy says:

    Not a Lebron’s fan, but I do respect his game, and love to see he respects TD career

  4. EDMAR says:


  5. Vernon Johnson says:

    Love you both. You are beautiful people. Professional,etc. God Bless.

  6. OldKGfan says:

    I guess Tim Duncan is one of the top 10 players ever. I would not have thought such a good thing previously, but he obviously is not done playing a highly relevant role in this game. MJ, BillR, Kareem, Wilt, Magic, Bird, TimD, Hakeem, Lebron, BigO, Shaq, Kobe, Dr.J, Moses, Kg…. These are my top 15. Have your own opinion.

  7. ITellsTheTruth says:

    LBJ will never know what it feels like to be go against greats and work hard. LBJ benefits from hand check rules, lack of competition etc etc. Duncan battled one on one vs greats……had to face tough defense (BEFORE HE MADE IT TO THE PAINT; hand checks), stuck with one team until it was built into a championship team, etc etc. LBJ should give props to those who are better than him

    • Cream says:

      What are you talking about?!? LBJ competed against Tim Duncan and beat him and the Spurs…

    • Phil says:

      I’m a TD fan, but what are you talking about “until it was built into a championship team”?…The Spurs won a title a year after they drafted TD and have always been a “championship” style contender.

    • Michael says:

      I believe everyone playing in the game today benefits from hand checking not just LBJ. Why would Duncan leave he came in to be one of the TWIN TOWERS. When Robinson retired came Parker, then Ginobili, and now Leonard. No reason to play the free agent market. But with all Tim Duncans bad business moves he might have to play untill he is 50 lol.

      ” LBJ will never know what it feels like to be go against greats and work hard”

      How about Duncan ? KD? Jelly Bean? Kahwi? Curry? The great piston and celtic teams, I believe he has battled against them and they are all great players or teams. So how are you telling the truth?

    • Mike says:

      Duncan came into the league on a very well established San Antonio roster. People forget Duncans 1st title was won with THe Admiral, David Robinson.He won that title in his second season. People talk negatively about Le Bron all the time but what they fail to realize is that Players like Duncan and Kobe inherited a team that was already great. The Spurs have been great since Duncan entered the league, they have reinvented themselves many times but never had to rebuild. Why, great ownership, front office and arguably the greatest coach of all times.

    • BlackerBerry says:

      These are new times. Move on old geezer.

  8. Damu says:

    Here’s the thing. I’m sure Tim Duncan doesn’t consider himself a king. He has always been about making his team great and not himself.

  9. dtp says:

    This may well be Duncan’s last season. And you know what? He won’t tell anyone and have a “farewell tour” like certain other players.

  10. Raptor4Life says:

    Two GREAT players, two very different people.
    Things Tim Duncan will NEVER say:

    – I am the best basketball player in the world

    – I am the greatest (insert any forward position here) in the world, or to ever have played the game

    – I am “the king” of anything

    – I’m going to “star” in a television special, I think I’ll call it “THE Decision” because it is so important

    – I’m taking my “talents” to South Beach (or anywhere else for that matter)

    – I think I should give my team’s owner a list of players I want on “my” team. I know the salary cap is 70 million dollars and my list results in 111 million dollars spent (the most in the entire league)…. but as Nike would say “Just Do It”

    – How do you like my new Nike hat that I must wear every time I go outside or have my picture taken?

    And the greatest thing Tim Duncan will NEVER have to say…. “Oh look, LeBron James has more championship rings than I do”.

  11. johnnytc1 says:

    @raptor for life. best comment i’ve seen ever on here. Exposing da king again. You’re correct on the salary cap. DG mortgaged the future for now by signing very average people to ridiculous contracts. This will cause “The Land” to be with out a championship for many more years to come.