A high five from an NBA player can change your life

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On Saturday night, ABC begins a new series called “NBA Saturday Primetime,” a series of marquee matchups that will get national coverage. To help promote the series, here’s a new commercial that shows a fantastical version of a fan getting a high five from Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, and the lengths that this fan will go to in order to preserve the memory…


(via FTW)


  1. lbj says:

    Getting high five from Andre Iguodala won’t give him his 2nd ring and be nba Finals MVP once again. He needs to play with out “king” LeBron. We will trade Josh McRoberts, Amare Stoudamire and future Finals MVP James Jones to Warriors.

    PG: Irving
    SG: Dellavedova
    SF: James
    PF: Love
    C: Mozgov

    2nd ring for Igi, 1st for Cleveland and 3rd for our “king” LeBron

  2. masterpoop says:

    ive read that 3 times and it still doesn’t make any dang sense.