Untied shoes can’t stop Golden State Warriors

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — How impressive are the Golden State Warriors right now? Not only are they steamrolling almost every opponent they go up against, they’re doing it in increasingly impressive ways. Last night in a win against Chicago, for instance, the Warriors were able to score even when two pairs of shoes revolted at the same time.

Check out this play, where Klay Thompson and Draymond Green both stop on a play to deal with loose laces, and instead of burning a timeout, the Warriors just got the ball to Harrison Barnes, who went one-on-three and scored, no sweat.


(via FTW)


  1. Will J says:

    Nothing can stop Golden State…because they’re cheating. The refs won’t call it, and the rest of the league doesn’t realize what’s going on. They run one moving pick after another causing separation from their defenders and chaos in your defense. It frustrates and demoralizes the other team. Just ask JR smith. They almost never set a stationary pick prior to the offense man making his move, and then they almost always move into the chasing defender. These are offensive fouls that should be called. Combined with their excellent shooting it results in 35 point blow outs of NBA champion caliber teams and a 76-6 season. This is ridiculous. But no one seems to see it. They’re playing football, while everyone else is playing basketball. I like Golden state but I want them to win fairly.

    • lbj says:

      That’s right they are cheaters specially Steph Curry. They cheat our “king” LeBron in Finals. So many fouls that the ref didn’t call!! This year our “king” LeBron once become a champion again. 2 peat for Cleveland!!!

  2. BFree says:

    You’re right! The Warriors are pulling illegal moves at multiple different times in every game they play and you are literally the only person who sees it. You know what this means? Conspiracy! Everyone is in on it. This clearly goes right to the top! SILVER!!!!!!!