Stephen Curry does pregame dribbling routine with young fan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago we saw an Instagram video from a kid named Noah Cutler, who could do a pretty good Steph Curry impersonation in his backyard.

Well, apparently Stephen Curry saw it too, because Curry and the Warriors had Cutler out to a Warriors game, where Cutler met Curry and even got to do his pregame dribbling routine alongside Stephen…

VIDEO: Curry dribbles with kid fan


  1. lbj says:

    Doing dribbling routine and signing your fake shoes made from China won’t give Steph Curry and this poor little boy a ring. He needs to play with our “king” LeBron and as for the little boy he needs to buy LeBron shoes instead made from USA and have our “king” LeBron signed it for him with free posters of LeBron doing a tomahawk powerful dunk!

    • realitycheckm8 says:

      you seriously think Cavs can dethrone either the Warriors or the Spurs?
      I believe last time Cavs played GS, they got a little old fashioned butt kicking at home court.

    • ur #1 fan says:

      oh lbj how long it has been since i have seen your amazing recruitment for the king

    • Freddy says:

      First of all lebrons shoes are made in china , 2nd why would curry go play with lebron to get a ring? He just beat lebron last year and got a ring and obviously has the better team and can beat them again

    • DubNation says:

      Because Curry is such a great dribbler, he got a ring last year and is on track for another ring this year. Not sure where you were last season when Curry won his Championship ring in Cavs locker room.

    • Carlos says:

      You aré a sore cavs looser.
      You want curry to go Cleveland to help LJ win a championship.

      He had to go to Miami to get help to win

      He can not do it by himself

    • kcd says:

      Everyone, just stop responding to lbj. He is just here to troll. On the original post where they showed this kid dribbling, he posted

      “This poor little boy doing a Steph Curry dribbling won’t give him a ring as a fan. He needs to do the powerful tomahawk slam like our “king” LeBron. Steph will not get his 2nd ring this year. He can’t win by just dribbling there is no score for having a good dribbling skills. LeBron will crashed them in Game 5 this year!”

      He is just trying to piss off Warriors fans. Just don’t bother with him and he will stop posting the same irrelevant stuff again and again. Obviously Lebron has nothing to do with a young kid being good at dribbling the ball. So just leave lbj alone

    • mnn80 says:

      You are a legend

    • kbb says:

      Greatest. Troll. Ever.

    • lbj1.3 szeged frici says:

      Wanting to be like Steph Curry won’t give this poor little boy a ring. He needs to play with our”king” LeBron at the Clevelend community playground. We will trade future Hall of Famer Iman Shumpert’s sandals-with-socks for this poor little kid’s haircut.

  2. obj says:

    Or get the kid that Banana Boat photo of LBJ with his “buddies”. Hahahaha.

  3. darren simpson says:

    He steph,done a good thing dont hate#

  4. sc30sc says:

    Curry is MVP this season, wins another ring, and is mvp next season. mark my words.

  5. no handles says:

    what the heck, the kid’s got better handles than my whole city combined!

  6. None Of The Above says:

    It’s funny just how many people (with “realitycheckm8” just being the latest of many) that take the bait the person posting as lbj lays out.

  7. kanuk says:


  8. DubNation says:

    LBJ cannot be compared to Curry because LBJ cannot win a ring with his own team. LBJ had to ditch his Cavs team to go join Wade in Miami for the 2 rings. He ditched Wade after the 2 rings and tried to win by himself. LBJ loss game 5 & 6 at home in last year’s NBA Finals and lost 2 games to the Warriors this season and then got his coach fired. He will NEVER be like Curry, MJ or Kobe. I don’t know why the media called him King James. Such an insult to the real King James.

  9. eirikur says:

    So we are seeing that famous Curry’s dribbling skills can be matched by a child?! hahaha

  10. B3astm0de says:

    First of all Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. didn’t flip on their original teams to win the championship. As King Lameron (LeBron) got picked for Cleveland, couldn’t do much, went to Miami and made the fame, then came to Cleveland to win, but he could. Those who compare Lameron (LeBron) to MJ and KB r typical Idiots. No doubt he is a good player but he could never beat MJ or KB and as far as CURRY goes. He is much more athletic then Lameron (LeBron) will ever will be. Hands down CURRY for MVP again this year.

  11. DRose0001 says:

    B3astm0de not sure where you get saying Curry is more athletic then James which is not true remotely. Curry is better at the guard spot only, James can play all 5 spots at a high level which Curry cannot do even if he wanted to other then guard. Now am not denying Curry is bad or anything he is a great player and if this pace keeps up will be one of the greatest shooters of all time (still early to say).

    However to say he does not compare to MJ or Kobe shows your ignorance as they both had incredible players on they’re rosters which James did not have until he went to Miami which tells me your just a LeBron James hater. MJ had Scottie Pippin, Steve Kerr and others. Kobe had Shaq, Gasol etc. Many people also have to understand that all 3 are totally different players as a whole. Kobe is a ball hog and scores lots of points. MJ was a bit of a ball hog as well but not to the degree of Kobe, MJ just had a great overall sense of the game and knew how to score and ways people couldn’t imagine. There is no denying LeBron is probably the best athlete on the planet you can deny it all you want but his physical gifts are something that comes once every few generations. You can LeBron hate all you want and am not taking away from other athletes but as far as just physical gifts go LeBron is in another League compared to Kobe or MJ, but we are also talking about a different generation of basketball.

  12. Marius says:

    Steph, You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Smart one says:

      MJ and KB never needed the 1,3, and 4 draft pick to win a championship. Really was stupid and pointless of Lebron did not prove anything.

  13. jimbo says:

    …30 years from now this kid can buy a house in cash with the money he will get from selling those shoes on ebay! 🙂

  14. Gilbert says:

    Even if LBJ was the best player in the world, he is still trash. Maybe because he lacked a father. Maybe because he was raised poor and is a minority in a country controlled by white people. Maybe because he was hyped up from such a young age to think he was the second coming of jesus christ. Who knows. The point is, he has no character.

  15. Jo says:

    Steph is the most like able superstar. Go Warriors

  16. Toro0001 says:

    Steph top!

  17. johnnytc1 says:

    Ahhhhh yes lbj is back…. Im glad allows 4th graders on the site. We really love you lbj. You’re comment are so analytically sound. Our king? That is so excellent that you have a king. If you’re reefering to da king that’s even funnier. the self proclaimed king is done…. had his chance… king needs to thank DW, CB, RA etc for his two rings as that is all he’ll get. Now that he’s got his little buddy, and i mean little, coaching da cav’s they can return to more antics. Good luck against sas tonight king.
    Here comes another spanking!!

  18. TruthThella says:

    ALl the Spurs and Cavs chat; Little unknown fact. OKC will eliminatet the Warrios

  19. CB30 says:

    all u lebron fans are stupid lebrons good i will give you that but who won the championship last year and who is going to win it this year cavs dnt got a chance