Cavs, Jazz celebrate Australia Day

By Jeff Case

The NBA is truly an international league, as 100 players from around the world were on opening-night rosters this season. Eight players in the NBA — Cameron BairstowMatthew Dellavedova, Kyrie Irving, Aron Baynes, Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills, Joe Ingles and Dante Exum — hail from Austraila.

Yesterday was Australia Day, and as such, players from the Cavs and Jazz took it upon themselves to celebrate it.

The Cavs went all-in on Australia day with Dellavedova, having him teach teammates some Australian words …

VIDEO: Dellavedova teaches teammates some Australian words

… and had him address the crowd before the game.

VIDEO: Dellavedova addresses the crowd

Cleveland also had Austrailan pop singer Cody Simpson sing the Australian National Anthem last night, too.

VIDEO: Cody Simpson sings Australian National Anthem

(For comparison’s sake, here is Starters co-host Leigh Ellis belting out the Australian National Anthem, too)

VIDEO: Leigh Ellis sings the Australian National Anthem

And, lastly, the Jazz had Ingles and Exum wish their fellow Australians well on the holiday. You’ve gotta love how Ingles does his best to troll Exum throughout the whole segment …

VIDEO: Exum, Ingles wish you a Happy Australia Day


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  1. johnnytc1 says:

    That’s really nice. Ga day mate…. King I hope you saw what happened last night in the GSW v SAS game…. You’re next! It won’t matter if you have Pat Riley, Phil Jackson and Red Auerbach all coaching you. You’re not ever going to beat GSW. The season isn’t all lost though. We’ve seen you do some very creepy Hooper commercials, TM riding a bear, king calling his son a dog, king shooting free throws at night (he’s do dedicated), buying cotton candy during a game, taking a selfie during the game (are you allowed to bring your cell phones to the bench?), oh, and who can forget you dancing with the Raptor cheerleaders before the game. Thanks also for that wonderful Christmas video I think that topped everything!!
    Just soooooo many great memories this year! We do appreciate it!