Kevin Love finally makes the postgame Cavs photo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Cleveland Cavaliers enjoy posting group Instagram photos of themselves. The problem is, somehow Kevin Love keeps getting left out of the picture. As a result, Love recently had to edit himself into a team photo to make sure he got in there.

But last night, things finally changed in Love’s favor. After beating the Pacers in overtime, the Cavs posed for a team photo. And this time, they included Kevin Love. As he posted on Instagram, he was pretty excited about this…


  1. johnnytc1 says:

    da king always has to be in da middle. where is da kings little buddy, the new coach?

    • vic says:

      he’s taking the photo 😉

    • lbj says:

      Of course our “king” LeBron needs to be in the middle because he is our center of the Universe. Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan needs to get a picture taking with our “king” LeBron if they want to get a ring.

    • Jdyck1295 says:

      Duncan has 5.

    • Diddy says:

      Stephen Curry is the greatest player in basketball today. He’s the greatest shooter to ever live, and a few more seasons like this and he will be the undisputed greatest scorer of all time. He doesnt even play a full game and he’s scoring like this lol! Often times sitting out the entire 4th quarter (I believe a third of games this season or something stupid). But Lebron is good, just needs more practice shooting, missing free throws and shots due to poor form and balance. He should have been the best but clearly he’s not, Missing the It factor, that drives men to achieve perfection. You should never feel like your good enough, I think he believes he’s done enough.

      • D_Will says:

        Lol are you serious? The greatest scorer of all time is Micheal Jordan. The greatest all around player of all time is Lebron James, and don’t ever forget that. Curry will probably go down as the greatest shooter of all time, but nothing else. Don’t compare Curry with Lebron, he has 4 mvps and has had better seasons than Curry. Lebron isn’t even in his prime yet is still playing so good, you’d think he was.

      • Diddy says:

        @ D_Will Sorry bro Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest scorer as it stands today but it took him 46 to 48 minutes to do it at his highest level. Jordan is a close second though. He just never could average a season of 50pt per game or 44pt per game. The reason Curry can take the cake is simply because 3’s are more difficult and count more than 2’s. Everybody knows the further from the rim you are, the harder it is to score. Nobody goes further than Curry lol. If you simply equate ratios for how is scoring now to how he would play given a neccesity to play more minutes like Wilt and you will see that he is scoring at a higher rate than will. Simply put the greatest score is he that can score the most points in a given time frame. Every time Wilt or Jordan dunk the ball for 2, Curry will splash a 3 at that same percentage of near 50%. They literally wouldn’t be able to keep up. However like I said before he needs to do this atleast for 3 seasons and keep getting better, Curry isn’t there yet but it looks like he will be.

  2. Sally says:

    Your all morons, it doesn’t matter. maybe it does to you, but not intelligent people it doesn’t.

  3. Sally says:

    You are all morons, you can sit on the bench of a winning team and get a ring. duhhhh, even the announcers have a ring. that means nothing, and BTW “da King” has 2.

  4. CallMeD says:

    Lebron the king of the travelers in basketball history,

  5. johnnytc1 says:

    Oh, Sweet Sally is back bringing us more nonsense… Yes, “da king” has two rings. Thanks too DW, CB and RA. Just like the bench sitters, announcers, ball boy etc. da king did get his ring. I do feel sorry for you king fans as there will be no more rings for da king. This is a team sport.

  6. RJR says:

    The news was supposed to be about K Love and everyone, including the haters, started talking about LBJ. That should tell what a great player LBJ is!

  7. kobe bryant says:

    lbj sucks steph is so much better

  8. johnnytc1 says:

    king! what did you do to Shumpert? Why is his head down andy crying. Hey, where is the rest of the team. Or are these just da kings favorites?

  9. johnnytc1 says:

    Can we get another pic tonight king? Or maybe not after that spanking you just took….

  10. Chris says:

    I wonder if they posed like this after being beaten by Jeremy Lin?

  11. mark says:

    Sad part is steph curry averges 21 pts for his career…… Lebron averged that in his rookie season……

    • Diddy says:

      Please see above post. Furthermore career stats can’t truly portray who Curry has become very well lol. he just keeps getting better. Lebron on the other hand plateaued after his rookie year. If anything his free throw percentage has decreased lol. The seasons of 30 or greater pts per game he needed 40 plus minutes to do it. Curry is doing this in 33.8 minutes/game!!!!!!!!! Insane smh Oh and let’s top that off with a 45.8 3point %! Lebron truly isn’t even close.

  12. vicromeros says:

    Why is everybody ALL THE TIME talking about the “best”, “greatest”, + “of all time”, “to ever live”, Man, THAT EXPRESSION IS SO OVERUSED! “he’s the best _____ to ever live”. We regularly find a new “best ___ to ever live”, stop liking that expression so much!, can’t u see is just an expression the media made up to sell shirts and all?

  13. lbj says:

    I pity the fools. Postgame photos will not win you any championships. Only playing with the one true king of basketball, King Lebron, will.

    Oh wait…