Draymond Green cools down Stephen Curry

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Golden State’s Stephen Curry had himself a game last night against the Washington Wizards. He scored 25 points in the first quarter, including 7 three-pointers, and finished with 51 points on 11 threes, as the Warriors basically outscored the Washington Wizards, 134-121. Curry was hot all night, and no matter what the Wizards tried, they couldn’t slow him down. As Wizards guard John Wall said after the game: “It’s like Kobe (Bryant) when he had 81. He couldn’t miss. You keep defending the best way you can. We challenged some shots. He didn’t have too many open looks. He just made them.”

Curry was so hot, the only person who could manage to cool him off was his teammate Draymond Green, who had to resort to the old ice water trick during Curry’s postgame interview…



  1. lbj says:

    Cooling down Steph Curry is just normal our “king” LeBron always cool him down in the ring. He can’t even score when LeBron guarded him just like what LeBron did to James Harden during OKC finals that why beardman traded to Houston. Eventually Curry will be traded once they realize LeBron shut him down every single night! We can accomodate Curry on our team in Cleveland we can give decent point guard Mo Williams and high percentage 3 point shooter James Jones to Warriors!

    • dude says:

      Who won in the finals again? And you must be high if you think Cleveland would ever get Curry. Especially not for some old scrubs like Wililams and Jones

    • Bruh says:

      I’m a cavs fan too(because I live in Cleveland) but you just ruin it for me. Just shut up about Lebron. He’s good but he’s not THAT good. Steph will never leave Golden State. Kawhi Leonard is a way better defender than Lebron. Kawhi is the only person who can actually lock down Lebron. Lebron can’t contain Steph. Your on some crazy drugs if you think that we’ll get Steph for Mo and James Jones. Just never comment about Lebron and the Cavs again you give them a bad name.

    • Sg says:

      Clipper fan here, so you want to trade Mo Williams AND James Jones for the Curry… the current #1 player in the NBA? LOL, you must have never played yahoo fantasy. Even if you added Kyrie Irving in that deal Warriors wouldn’t take it LOLLLL.

      • Kai says:

        Kyrie and Love both soft. James is the only consistent player on Cleveland’s roster. They’re always hurt. Doesn’t bode well for Cleveland.
        Let’s talk more about this idea of KD playing for Warriors…

    • That’s why LeBron beat Golden State lol

      • D_Will says:

        Do you guys still dont understand that he’s just a troll lmao? I like his posts they’re freakin’ hilarious!

      • jdHavok says:

        Actually lebron lost check the finals again. Cause last time I check warriors were the champs and curry was mvp.

    • Darkhelmet says:

      Are you sure LBJ is willing to settle for 2nd best on the team?

    • couchdude says:

      Your drugs what ever your on I want them

  2. lbj says:

    Steph Curry cooling down is a common issue. Our “king” LeBron cool him down everytime they met in the floor just like what our “king” LeBron did to James Harden in OKC that’s why he got traded to Houston. Eventually Steph will be traded after this season because LeBron will shut him down when they meet in the Finals.

  3. Kay says:

    Can someone block this LBJ retard once and for all? This has to be a robot of some sort because I can’t imagine a real human having enough time to post as much as you do.

  4. Shanika says:

    Can’t tell, look what happened this season.Cavs didn’t win one game. Beside who is the current NBA champs

  5. JESUS says:

    GAME SET MATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH SAID.

  6. chef curry says:

    Chef Curry cookin’ it up again!!!

  7. curry will win multiple mvps in a row…i guarantee

  8. cams court says:

    old guy in the back is like”Dam who do you thinks going to clean this up”

  9. Cecile says:

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