Ricky Rubio experiences high and lows of the NBA

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Minnesota Timberwolves were in Los Angeles to take on the Clippers last night, and T-Wolves point guard Ricky Rubio had the opportunity to experience the joy and pain of the NBA during the same game.

The good? Check out this pass, where as Rubio is falling down he delivers a nutmeg to DeAndre Jordan…


And then, of course, the bad, as Rubio saves a ball from going out of bounds and ends up with his hair full of popcorn…


One Comment

  1. lbj says:

    Ricky Rubio experiencing a high a lows of the NBA won’t give him a ring. He needs to play with our “king” LeBron to get a ring! He will only experience all highs with our “king” LeBron like the high flying jam of our king. We will trade high and lows player to Timberwolves Mo Williams, James Jones plus future first and 2nd round picks.

    PG: Irving
    SG: Smith
    SF: James
    PF: Love
    C: Thompson

    6th man: Ricky Rubio

    1st ring for Cleveland and Rubio and 3rd for our “king” LeBron GOAT!!!