Warriors’ Curry Doles Out Courtside Feets

By Nick Margiasso IV

You can’t do better than courtside seats. That is unless you do courtside seats at a Warriors game.

Ticket holders in the front row of Saturday’s Golden State-Oklahoma City game not only get the closeup experience, they get a pretty good set up for their feet — and collectible case — too.

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Enough for a whole extra row, too? Stephen Curry, you the real MVP.

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  1. jeboy says:

    give me one idol curry , im foor

  2. Awesome pair ! Steph Curry and his autograph pair of Curry’s 2 ! So Cool guys !

  3. can I have one signature shoe of stephen curry im fillipino

  4. Ats says:

    Same colors as Estonian flag. Send me some.

  5. Ed says:

    Why all the rich people can get this signature. I been a warriors fan for how many year but until now i dont have any signature form any player. i need one my idol S.C.

  6. MDeey says:

    Floor seats… Those are exactly the people who deserve free shoes. I mean why spend all that money…

  7. johnnytc1 says:

    Steph… I know da king really wants a pair… But don’t give him one… He’s not worthy….

  8. John says:

    Like the people in the front row need FREE signed shoes. Common on man those should have been given to the nose bleeders!!!!

  9. tom says:

    Why? should give the shoes to people in the nose bleed section.

  10. gerry says:

    everybody deserve to have one no matter who you are. can i have one please…..

  11. Leo Apolinar says:

    Is this new design available now in Middle East? a lot of us wan’t to buy but if possible with Curry’s signature.

  12. Elizabeth NBA Perillat says:

    Dang! That dude has got a whole lotta sole👟🏀⛹🏾✌🏾️

  13. Lana of Cleveland says:

    I certainly hope some of the 200 pairs of Curry Two’s end up on the feet of someone who can not afford them.

  14. Lincoln Schumann says:

    Reality check, for all the ppl complaining about other ppl getting shoes, why not just be happy for them. Yes these ppl, most of them, are probably rich and can afford to pay for their own shoes. The point is the gesture of Curry giving away anything. If you think about it, the ppl that do have court side seats have probably had them for awhile. Paying lots of money into the Warriors brand. Why not reward these long time season ticket holders who have been there supporting the team. Curry couldn’t possibly give away shoes to everyone. I just want to acknowledge his giving nature and trying to think outside the box of ways to make ppl happy.

  15. Jesus says:

    Why give these shoes to poor people who will just sell them to rich people anyway?