Russell Westbrook does a terrible Kevin Durant impression

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier today we checked in with Kevin Durant, who had the opportunity yesterday to photograph the Super Bowl. Today at Thunder practice, Durant was asked about the experience, and while he explained how much he enjoyed it, Russell Westbrook strolled up behind him and couldn’t resist the chance to mess with KD…


  1. David says:

    Is this a joke? Where is the impression? There is no video and no story to this short intro …

  2. James says:

    Yeah, i want to see a video. There has to be more than what they have posted.

  3. wardell30 says:

    How did you not see the video it is right there

  4. james says:

    ohh. well it dosn’t let me onto the link

  5. Tarajayne says:

    the video is right there