Joe Johnson crosses over Jusuf Nurkic

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Hang around the NBA long enough and you’ll hear the phrase: “You reach, I teach.” And on this play in last night’s Brooklyn/Denver game, we basically saw it come to life. Denver big man Jusuf Nurkic got switched onto Brooklyn forward Joe Johnson on this possession, and just when Nurkic reaches in and tries for the steal, Johnson crosses him over and sends him to the floor. And check the second angle on the video, where you see the Nets bench go crazy…

VIDEO: Johnson/Nurkic

And for his part, after the game Nurkic responded in good humor…


  1. timehater says:

    where you at lbj?

  2. Gradimir Bosnjak says:

    Very good, team go crazy, but still drop in the ocean. Don’t you think so?Why team can’t do something as a team together. One great move is not enough in team sport.

  3. Mahamed Juma says:

    Joe Johnson just put Jusuf Nurkic on skates !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. SwaggyBoji says:


  5. AI7 says:

    It looks like Johnson stepped on Nurkic’s foot, which caused the imbalance.