Shaquille O’Neal can still throw it down

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERShaquille O’Neal is one of the most physically impressive specimens in NBA history, and back when he was an active player, he was able to viciously throw down on opposing players at a moment’s notice. But that’s when he was an active player — Shaq retired five years ago, and we haven’t seen him on a basketball court since. Which made Shaq’s “Inside the NBA” cohost Charles Barkley wonder publicly whether or not Shaq could still dunk the way he used to throw it down. So last night, before All-Star Saturday night really got underway, Shaq snuck on the court to let everyone know…yep, he’s still got it…


  1. Stephen Raisor says:

    SHAQ 1ST TIME BALLOT HALL OF FAMER one of the best to play the game he just showed he still has it going on

  2. Rajan Joshi says:

    Shaq remains my most favorite player. When I started watching NBA in India. Shaq anand Kobe with their Laker team were my favorite. When they lost the finals I still remember how bad I felt. They took game to great Height.

  3. A.J. says:

    Shaq is over 7 foot tall, if he can’t dunk then something is wrong, even at his age. I know 6’1 people that are in their 40s that can dunk, so why is it so impressive that he can still dunk? I am 6’0 and can do a 360 at the age of 32, not that big of a deal and yea, I’m not that old.

    • Jack says:

      it is a big deal because of how tall/weight/age. Weight has A TON to do with it. I bet your not 350lbs trying to dunk either. some people are just idiots, smh

    • Tory says:

      I agree. The only reason he did was Charles Barkley was calling him out saying he couldn’t dunk anymore on TV

    • Peja says:

      Lol wow you really wanted to TRY and brag about yourself. That entire post was just sad. Its because of his size and damaged body. You or any of those guys you are pretending to know haven’t put your body through what he has for his life. Pretty much once they retire that is them saying their bodies can’t move much anymore. Do you have any idea how much shaq weighs and how bad his knees, back, and body are broken down. Plus they are just rich guys with nothing to do besides eat.

      Being 32, I hope you can do this kind of stuff since that is pretty much the prime of your physical life. Enjoy the last 2-3 years of it old timer. Even if you said you were 40 that wouldn’t be impressive. Keep trying though and some day you might understand what jumping is and how it is done.

      • dave says:

        Being able to lift his whole body and kick his legs was a lot more impressive than the dunk. Try doing a chin up with an extra 200 lb attached to your body. Good luck.

    • Mike says:

      Did you play in the nba for 19 seasons? No. Have you dunked the ball 1000 times? Hell no you havent. Have you played for 6 diff nba teams? No So shut the f**k up

  4. Gator says:

    Question is: can Chuck still dunk…

  5. Gator says:

    And you Chuck, can you still dunk ?
    Show us !

  6. William says:

    Shay dunking a 10′ net is comparable to someone 6′ tall dunking an 8 1/2 foot net. And I would never brag about that.

  7. Mike says:

    Shut up all of you.

  8. Reality says:

    I love how people are confrontational behind keyboards and cars.

  9. A.R says:

    A.J fluffed up lol

  10. Winfield kelley says:

    They had to change the way they called fouls because he was so unstoppable. He was the greatest except for MJ of course. Why are you all getting so upset about Shaquille goofing around? I’m 63 and could dunk once too but now I can’t even touch the rim! Let him dunk while he still can. No way Sir Charles can still dunk.

  11. Mike says:

    I’m not talking about Shaq. I’m talking about you. So just be a good boy and shut up.

  12. couchdude says:

    Does anyone else has flash backs to the old tymers dunk contest or whatever the heck it was I try to block it from existence, #PleaseDontCallItAComeback however I am interested in a @nbaontnt DUNK CONTEST we all know EJ gots mad ups!!!!!! Chuck put your body where your mouth is and get up there and dunk the ball old man.