Lexus made an incredible Clippers car

VIDEO: Clippers Lexus

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Years ago, when I was in Los Angeles for the NBA Finals, I had a dinner with big group of people that, coincidentally, included a man known as “Clipper Darrell.” Darrell is a Clippers super fan, who wears a red-and-blue suit to games and, as I saw later that evening in the restaurant parking lot, at least for a while drove a car that was a moving tribute to the Clips.

Well, as we see in the video below, Lexus has teamed up with the Clippers to make the ultimate Clippers car. From logos on the side, to the paint job, to having Doc Rivers screaming at you as part of the GPS, this is the most Clippers car of all time. I mean, the windshield lights up like a backboard. Check the video for more details, or click here to see more pictures and to enter to win the car. You can have Doc Rivers yelling at you every day while you’re in traffic!


  1. Donnyd says:

    Clippers are trash.

  2. Slylaker says:

    Well Clippers you have a car,but the Lakers have the RINGS.

  3. Raptor4Life says:

    The “Doc Rivers” GPS would get REALLY old, REALLY fast….
    ( just sayin’ )