Check out every jersey Kobe Bryant has worn

17 Apr 1997: Guard Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers stands in a defensive position during a game against the Sacramento Kings at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California. The Lakers won the game 108-99.

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Considering that Kobe Bryant has played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and considering that the Lakers have had the same basic uniform design for decades, you might think that Kobe hasn’t worn that many different uniforms. But then, remember that he started out wearing number 8 before switching to 24, and that the Lakers have had several alternate uniforms and jersey tweaks. And Kobe’s also been an All-Star nearly twenty times, and played for a couple of USA Basketball teams…and when you do the math, Kobe has apparently worn 36 different jerseys in his professional career.

The folks at have done important work here and put together a cool mini-site featuring every jersey Kobe’s worn in his career. Pretty awesome site, and easy to get lost in there checking out all the different looks.


  1. TR says:

    Nothing worth bothering with here, move along.

  2. DeMarr says:

    Another excuse to post a pointless article about this guy.

  3. Drift Gangsta says:

    what we need is to talk about the king.
    about how he changed the game and the shoe industry.

  4. where is 2015 says:

    2015 all stars jersey!?

  5. Michael says:

    I’m not a Kobe or Lakers fan, but I found it interesting, purely from a design point of view.

  6. Parker says:

    I’m not the biggest of Kobe fans, but enjoyed checking out the uniform website.

  7. Neil says:

    You guys are really cool for saying that this is unworthy of your time…

    I personally find this kind of interesting.

  8. Tyler says:

    Why does Kobe’s jersey not have the NBA logo in the above pic? It looks like it got photoshopped out….

  9. Chase says:

    Then you’d you guys click on the link ????

  10. Kaseem says:


  11. DJC says:

    Interesting read…however the introductory paragraph talks about Kobe’s longevity and the number of teams his has been involved with and that he has worn….36. That’s it?! I was expecting a far greater number!

  12. Good luck in retirement Kobe.
    I enjoyed watching you play 2nd fiddle to Shaq.

  13. JZ says:

    before giving comment make sure that you have accomplishED something

  14. Very cool. I was a Magic fan in my teens and twenties. Kobe fan in my thirties and forties. Wondering about what comes next?

  15. NBAFAN says:

    Kobe thank you for the memories you will be missed.

    Even by these ungrateful NBA critics that never left their couch let alone excel in anything in their pathetic lives.

  16. As accessive as this article may seem, being a Bulls fan, it’s still cool to travel through history of one the greats of my time.

  17. P.I. Oslon says:

    Huge Kobe fan here, enjoyed reliving the moments and the uniform designs. Black Mamba rules forever!

  18. johnnytc1 says:

    I’ve never liked the lakers or KB. I’ve always been a Detroit fan. Now I’m just a good fan of good guys… I’m glad Kobe is getting his good bye tour in. But I prefer the style of Tim Duncan as he’ll just ride out into the sunset after this year. Now when the self proclaimed king says he is leaving people will boo this guy relentlessly, as da kings time in the NBA has been all about self promotion. Poorest leader in sports history! King will self destruct….

  19. Junior says:

    Best ball player that ever played in the history of the NBA !!