Kobe gives shoes to Tony Allen, calls him best defender he’s ever faced

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months ago, Kobe Bryant named his top five opponents, a list that included Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Clyde Drexler.

But the best defender Kobe ever went up against? Apparently a different name is atop that list. After Kobe’s final game in Memphis last week, Kobe gave his shoes to Grizzlies forward Tony Allen, and he wrote a special message on the kicks: “The best defender I ever faced!”


  1. Mr. Motivate says:

    Beleive you me TA is the the best defender a lot or players face. He locked both of the splash brothers last year and would bave single handedly destroyed that circus act in Golden State, averaging almost 4 steals before he got hurt (2015 playoffs) and shut down durant the year before in a 7 game dogfight. TA for Mvp

  2. duane says:

    would have, could have, should have, we’d all be Anthony Davis! The Warriors kicked the Grizzlies behinds and TA got hurt cuz the Warriors pace he can’t handle

  3. Just a fan says:


    Realist thing iv’e ever heard, 100% agree on him ending the circus act @ golden state

  4. Youngblood says:

    First team all defense

  5. Joe says:

    Kobe we love you!

  6. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    LOL, copycat. Remember when MJ gave those shoes to Oak when he visit the last time at MSG as a BULLS players?

    Kome! when will you grow up and be your own man?

  7. NBAFAN says:

    Can not take anything away from TA not just a great defender but truly a gentleman as a player as well.

    • kelly anderson says:

      Come on don’t be hating on Kobe. The man has had an amazing career. What players do for other players, like Kobe to TA, is a sign of respect and appreciation of each other. Kobe didn’t do it for your approval. Chill and enjoy the sport

  8. fan from SG says:

    NBA doesn’t show love to defensive effort, Kobe does.

  9. THY says:

    Tony Allen has never gotten the respect as a basketball player because of the team he plays with, but Tony you are one of the greatest. Basketball today has no defensive but you truly do have it. I love the game when you have players like Tony Allen, Kobe, Curry, from defensive to a true player and a true shooter. You want find many players today who LOVE the game like Kobe, you want find many players today who play defensive, you want find many players today who goes out and practice shots like Curry. When you take time and effort into your job it all shows doing the season just lets be real.

  10. Edward Palad says:

    First team all defense!