Jay-Z is a good NBA scout

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During the Clippers/Nets game a few nights ago, the Nets hung around and kept the game competitive, until the Clippers clinched the game with a trio of alley-oops from Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan in the game’s final three minutes. After the game, Jay-Z, who was sitting courtside, grabbed CP3 and showed he had the scouting report figured out. Good luck stopping it, though…



  1. johnnytc1 says:

    Now what the hell does this guy know about BasketBall? He doesn’t know anything about music either. Who would buy his trash.
    Why would a team run the same play four times in a row? Because it worked the first three times. Is that so hard to figure out.
    Da Cav’s only run three plays; Post up for da king, pick and roll for da king and da kings fav, isolation for da king. thats where he lowers his shoulder, stiff arms and travels through the paint. I wonder when the refs will call it a foul.

  2. johnnytc1Chinaman says:

    Go back to China.*gentle voice*

  3. johnnytc1 says:

    China? How about Ohio. Johnny has got your back all year long….