Guess the name of Kobe Bryant’s dog, win his shoes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Ever wonder what happens down on the end of the bench, where the players are basically sit close enough to talk to the fans? Apparently, sometimes they actually talk to the fans, or at least Kobe Bryant did last night in Denver. During the fourth quarter of last night’s Lakers/Nuggets game, Kobe apparently got into a conversation with a couple of nearby fans. And then, as the Denver Post reports, something of a contest broke out. The prize? The shoes off of Kobe’s feet…

Bryant’s fun didn’t end when he exited the game. He had his own contest with four fans sitting behind the Lakers’ bench, a pair of boys and a pair of young ladies. It ended with the two boys receiving his autographed sneakers once the game ended. It wasn’t just a gift, either.

“No, they earned them,” Bryant said. “They wanted to know what the name of my pet dog was so I gave them a clue. I said ‘it’s in a (Harry) Potter film.’ So every time, they threw out like 15 names. The deal was if they got it, I’d give them my shoes. And they got it.”

Bryant revealed the name of his dog is Crucio, the name of one of three unforgivable curses that inflicts excruciating pain upon the receiver.

(via CBS)


  1. stacey says:


  2. Ruben Antonio Martinez Cedeño says:

    it`s name is Crucio

  3. Lxs says:

    Worldpeace seems to be so peaceful .. . . . . .. .

  4. Kamran says:


  5. Chris Ahlman says:

    I spent many years rooting against Kobe considering I am a die-hard Trailblazers fan, but I’ve got to be honest and admit that I am just crushed and saddened to see him go. Any real fan of the NBA loves you Kobe. You’re the greatest man, I mean that.

  6. Matthew Sullivan says:

    Kobe dog name is cruico Is that it? If so please make the shoe out for my 7 year old son Adrian

  7. MrTallyMon says:

    It was the name in a Harry Potter film. Kobe has not ever read one of the books. Which is not a problem though.

  8. Joshua Weinstein says:


  9. Wilson says:

    The name of his dog is Cruico! Size 10, please!

  10. Ahadu Yonas says:

    Hey Matthew,
    listen up bud
    kobe aint giving your kid shoes…
    (p.s you caught the L)

  11. Mark Ezeckiel M. Masbate says:

    The name of Kobe’s dog is = “Mamba”

  12. Luke Chimel says:


  13. vladimir perisic says:

    its name is Cruico.Size 9 please

  14. bobert robert says:

    Kobe is signing with the raptors next year. his retirement is a hoax.


  15. gillebriones says:

    24 is the name of his dog.

  16. Tim Timbo says:

    gona miss watching him play, and I am a celts fan! LEGEND

  17. Brett Godfrey says:


  18. jay ryan lecong says:


  19. Brandon Moore says:

    The name of the dog is joe size 10 plz

  20. von says:


  21. TONY says:

    SHAQ ??

  22. mimmo says:


  23. Zach Alferez Delfin says:

    Harry Potter. Why not, most people like harry potter.

  24. nicholas De Leon says:


  25. Sakib Khan says:

    Kobe Bryant’s dog name is Crucio. Please size 11

  26. Nick says:


    I’m size 10
    My boy Josh is size 9.5
    My other boy Jeric is size 9.5 as well.

    Thank you Kobe! You’re the greatest!

  27. bob says:

    Crucio size 5

  28. Sean says:


  29. Sean says:

    Russell or D’Angelo

  30. kaream says:

    The black mamba

  31. eman says:

    The name of his dog is crucio

  32. Basilio says:

    Micheal Jordan

  33. princess says:

    the name of his dog is Crucio.

  34. parapapas says:


  35. GEorgi says:

    The name of Kobe’s dog is Aksel !!!!!!!!!!! size 12 pls 🙂