This basket hates being dunked on

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Anything can happen once. Twice? Well, that’s a trend. And we apparently have a trend developing at Madison Square Garden. During a Knicks game last week, Carmelo Anthony went up for a dunk after a play and couldn’t quite clear the front of the rim…

And this weekend, it happened again! Detroit’s Andre Drummond tried dunking on the same basket, with almost exactly the same result. This basket clearly hates being dunked on…


  1. Layne Faulk says:

    LOL the tall people are getting killed out there!!!

  2. djunsan says:

    Drummond was held by Robin, Melo was trying to dunk all by himself with the play already stopped

  3. Carl Hopkinson says:

    There is a simple explanation….there is a slick area right around that rim that is undermining the push-off forces needed for a dunk.
    Mystery solved.

    • dunk expert says:

      You sir! have said the right words.

      ‘I know words, I have the best words” – D. Drumpf