Drake helps cause five-second violation

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A lot of people like having Drake singing in their ears. But for the Bulls last night in Toronto, with the game on the line, Drake being in Justin Holiday‘s ear didn’t work out so well. Check the video below, as Drake clearly says something to Holiday to help Toronto’s cause. But at the end of the day, the Bulls got the final word, winning 109-107.

VIDEO: Drake 5 seconds


  1. J T Benz says:

    Oh you fancy huh? Oh you fancy huh? 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, WHAT!?!?!

  2. Royce Dawson says:

    Drake Should’ve been moved away from the player. I Don’t think he would appreciate it if it was done to his team.

  3. themrmagnanimous says:

    I would’ve “accidentally” Elbowed Drake in the mouth while trying to inbound… Bottom line Raptors Loss, so this is irrelevant.

    • J-Ker says:

      The fact that the nba is basically applauding drake for this is a joke. Since the Raptors lost this is irrelevant, as you said, and they feel they can make jokes about it. However last year Drake did the same thing to Paul Pierce while he was inbounding the ball at the end of the game. In addition, Drake grabbed Pierce’s arm. In order to inbounds the ball, Pierce had to shake drake off his arm by throwing his shoulder forwards and missed the ideal chance to inbounds the ball, resulting in failure of the drawn up play. The Wizards went on to lose the game. I expected the NBA to do something then, as Drake is a member of the Raptors organization to some degree, to penalize the team and make sure this would not happen again. Instead it was completely ignored. The fact that they are cheering him on when he attempts something similiar a year later is an absolute joke. If any normal civilian were to get that close to a player during an inbounds play, touch them, scream in their ear, they would quickly be grabbed by security and escorted out of the stadium, possibly banned from all future games in the stadium. The NBA cannot turn a blind eye to this, or worse, praise it. They need to act to make sure it cannot happen again.

  4. zeke says:

    a lot of fans do that. nothing special, stop exagerrating issue just because he is a celeb

  5. J-Ker says:

    Last year Drake pulled this stunt during a Wizards Raptors game at the last play of the game. He grabbed Paul Pierce by the shoulder and screamed in his ear, distracting him and forcing him to miss the ideal moment to inbounds the ball as he had to shake Drake off his arm, resulting in failure of the drawn up play. The fact that the whole situation was ignored by the NBA then was disheartening, to see him do something similar, albeit without the physical contact, and be praised for it is flat out disgraceful. The man might be a celebrity, but he his still a civilian when it comes to the NBA. If any normal fan attempted to stand up behind a play inbounding the wall, yell directly in their ear or touch them they would be removed from the game and possible banned from the stadium. Instead of applauding this jokester using his celebrity status to make a fool of the league, he needs to be stopped. A warning should be issued that if he interferes in the course of a game in anyway like he has multiple times now again, he will be banned from all nba games. This type of mockery cannot continue.

  6. twisted metal says:

    drake is ruined the game, like in the all star game! a bandwagon guy from canada is drake.

  7. johnnytc1 says:

    He should of been thrown out of the game for being that close to a player and the play. He could of then left the building and wrote another song. All the other stuff that he’s done so far is trash! I did like the elbow idea too.

  8. DrPhill says:

    LOL what a loser! courtside seats should be gone for bs like this!

  9. Pepsi Scola says:

    It’s no different than a fan screaming from two or three rows back. Heckling is a part of the game and any fans right. Good players tune it out. Don’t hate on Drake for getting involved, could have been anyone talking smack.

  10. Pepsi Scola says:

    Gimme a break, if they didn’t want people that close to players they wouldn’t have court side seating. What Drake did court side is no different than any fan screaming from two, three rows back. Heckling is a part of the game and any fans right, good players tune it out, Don’t hate on Drake for getting involved, could have been any one talking smack.