The Harlem Globetrotters have figured out how to stop Steph Curry

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERSteph Curry is the NBA’s leading scorer, so there’s not really any NBA team this season that has been able to stop him. But what about a team that’s not in the NBA? Last night, the Harlem Globetrotters took to Twitter and showed that they have found a way to stop Stephen Curry…

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  1. Antonio Perez says:

    is actually very simple , allow the teams to play defense , put pressure , old school man to man defense , i can’t stand watching a soft league , if the 96 bulls play in this era , they will be 80-2 , there is no competition , the warriors are good but not that good , the other teams are that bad

    • Skrutz says:

      “Back in my day…” I’m not sure it’s that simple.

    • Nah bro. Rules are fair bball should not be about who is physically stronger and who is the bigger bully. Also in case you haven’t seen steph curry play and how he’s being defended, let me tell you those are all BAD SHOTS he’s taking. These are shots that are not high percentage for anyone. Curry sinks 3s 3 feet outside of the three point line with a hand in his face. That greatness should be appreciated and is comparable to MJ and Kobe and the likes taking fadeaway jump shots against double teams. And he’s doing it consistently enough to say that he’s not just getting lucky, curry is THAT good…

    • Macro Man Jr. says:

      THANK YOU! I’ve been saying this forever now. When it comes to defense today, where’s the beef?

      I get where you’re coming from, Antonio. I see that you’re not calling GSW as bad or merely lucky. You, like I, just realize that lowered defense only benefits a dominant offensive team.

      We’re not taking away from the Warriors being a good team, but the NBA’s general lax attitude on defense only just benefits their game. It’s something those who weren’t old enough to remember life before Kobe generally don’t understand (and relax, I’m 28, folks–I’m not old and out of touch).

      If more teams, more often, would step up man-to-man defense, apply pressure on shooters, contest more shots, stop leaving the best shooters on the floor wide open, learn how to rebound better, and learn that pestering an offense with defense wears down the offense, we’d see a whole different situation versus the Golden State Warriors.

      As I tell folks all the time, GSW is truly a well-oiled machine, but they’ve been allowed to hone themselves that way against a generation of the game where defense is soooo relaxed, more times than not. Not to mention, I think the rules in the NBA have rather tied the hands of the League a bit, since all hand-checking’s gone now and foul calls are way too easy now.

      And as much as you hear former-player NBA analysts praise Steph and what GSW is doing (and rightly so), you still nearly every one of them echo what Antonio and I are saying here: Where’s the fundamental defense?

      Funny enough, SEVERAL teams have enough to stop the Warriors. A few times this year, they have. Even some of the worst-situated teams in the NBA have beaten (or come very close to beating) the Warriors this season (as well as the Spurs and Cavs), when they apply the right things on both offense and defense.

      When Lillard crushed the Warriors with 51 points, it showed that they’re not invincible. When even the terrible Lakers beat GSW, it showed that applying a steady effort on both sides of the ball works. They prove that it’s not a matter of the “better” team winning, but rather, the better strategy and execution.

      Every Warriors game, I see teams that may start off well enough against GSW, but GSW just goes on cruise control until about the half, because they’ve LEARNED that teams start to slip up right around the 2nd or 3rd quarter, and once they fall behind and GSW takes it up a gear, they panic, struggle, vainly try to match GSW’s style of play, and never catch up to GSW’s pace. A team’s poor defense leads to playing with poor offense, because now, you’re straining to catch up to deficits you can’t close.

      This is me, most games, screaming at the TV:

      • “Why aren’t they contesting the shot?”
      • “Why are they leaving this guy open, who can shoot well?”
      • “Where’s the 50/50 ball nowadays? Where’s the rebounding?”
      • “Why aren’t folks stepping up to challenge Curry the moment he gets the ball?”
      • “Why are they taking bad threes? Drive to the basket! Go for the easier 2! Draw the foul!”
      • “Why are they trying to play GSW-style against GSW? Keep to your own strengths!”
      • “What’s with all the hasty layups? If you’re shooting poorly but that close to the basket, DUNK! Draw the foul!”
      • “GSW’s starting to shoot hot now. Why doesn’t the coach call a time-out? Stop that momentum!”
      • “What’s with these clumsy fast breaks? Slow it down! You’ll never match GSW’s rate of fast breaks.”

      GSW has one of the worst turnover rates in the League, can start games a bit slow, and commonly get into early foul trouble. When their best shooters are well-defended, as we’ve seen a few time this and last season, the whole team tends to struggle shooting. And the better their winning streaks, the more pressure they feel.

      The Warriors DO have weaknesses. But teams foster to GSW’s strengths. Poor defense contributes to the Warriors’ honed strength.

      • Marcos says:

        Well, every great team have weaknesses, and sometimes not-so-good teams find those weaknesses and exploit them. The fact is that every team will study their opponents, and if the opponent is 2015-2016 GSW, or 1995-1996 MJ’s Bulls, they will study it even more to be able to put the greatest resistance. If you’re lucky enough to catch those teams in a “bad” moment, and you play truly focused, you will manage to get the win, like the Lakers against the Warriors. But the reality is that that Lakers’ performance is as good as they can get in this moment. Besides, the greatest teams have the highest peaks of quality, and those are unmatchable for not-so-good teams. If the Lakers had had the bad luck of facing the Warriors at their best it would have been, certainly, a short win for GSW.

        And, by the way, haven’t you thought that those Bulls wouldn’t be able to win 72 games in this NBA? Golden State are the best with today’s rules as those Bulls were with those days rules. Of course those Bulls would crush Golden State to pieces in their time, but Golden State would do the same with them today.

        Well, just to finish, Wilt was the greatest of his era. Do you think he would have dominated in MJ’s era? I don’t think so. Even though, he would have been pretty good. The same happens with MJ in this era. You should just enjoy the show, and today Curry is giving you the best. 300 threes? Don’t you think that’s enough for him to be great at any point of history?

    • Adizzle says:

      Actually if the 96 Bulls played in this Era they would have a worse record than 72 wins… the league may seem to be worse but that’s because the overall skill level has gone up… players are bigger, faster, stronger, and more skilled… you want to watch players thrown to the ground all the time go watch football or mma. The fact of the matter is Stephen Curry is the most skilled player to ever play the game

    • Daniel says:

      So true

    • ism says:

      You are underestimating the changes the League’s gone through – especially the use of the 3-ball and the enormous importance of spacing today compared to the 90s. Of course, some rules today make it easier for the offense, but that would also go for the Bulls’ line of attack. However, their D and O and maybe even their personnel would have to adapt to today’s style of play, which is actively using the entire half-court because of more threes. There is simply no telling how the Bulls would play against GSW – they would still be a great team, no doubt, but don’t underestimate how hard it is to defend GSW. The question in many situations would not be: how hard do I defend? But: how do I even cover enough ground to stay close to these suckers, let alone play hard defense?

    • Christian says:

      I have to disagree with you Antonio. I remember very well that 96 Bulls team, they were very good for the era in which they played in. However, the game has evolved a lot in 20 years. Some people would say for instance, in the Bulls era, the game was more physical (hand-checking was allowed for instance). But does that translate in defensive efficiency. Nope. The only way to compare the eras, is through numbers. If you compare the defensive efficiency of teams like Golden State or San Antonio VS the Bulls in those times, you would see the difference and it definitely doesn’t favor the Bulls of the 90s.
      1) The use of advance statistics nowadays is a big difference. The defensive schemes are much more sophisticated and teams use advance stats to improve their defense. Teams in the 90s were much more physical. Teams nowadays are much more smarter.
      2) Players are stronger and faster nowadays (at every position on the floor). Just look at the videos. Also, a lot of players emulate what Jordan did. how many players were like Jordan in the 90s, nobody. Nowadays, there are quite a few player that are almost as good as him on both ends of the floor. I still would pick Jordan, but look at what Kobe did throughout his career. You have Lebron, KD, Kawhi and Paul George to name a few.
      3) Shooters are better now. I remember back then you had great shooters like Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. I loved these players. Now, in Golden State, in just one team, you have two players who are as good (maybe better) in Curry and Thompson. More players nowadays shoot the ball better. If the Bulls were to play in the current era, they would realize how difficult it would be to guard these shooters.

      They is always a gap between teams that can win a championship versus the other teams. If the 90’s Bulls were to face the top teams, it would be very difficult for them to beat them. The game has evolved that much.

    • Adam Smith says:

      “if the 96 bulls play in this era , they will be 80-2 , there is no competition , the warriors are good but not that good , the other teams are that bad”

      lol if they played today they would all be fouled out… the game has changed and the rules have changed with it. Don’t get me wrong here, the 96 Bulls were one of the greatest team ever, however so is the 15-16 Warriors!!

      • Stephen Katz says:

        I agree. It’s easy to play hard, We all played street ball growing up. It’s harder to play hard and not foul. So while I respect the team the Bulls had back in 95-96, if that same team was able to time travel to the present, they would have an extremely difficult time playing against the Dubs and possibly even (God forbid) LOSE! You’ll never convince those still stuck in 1996 of this though.

  2. Antonio Perez says:

    ok i read the comment policy, i followed the rules, so why my comments are never shown or accepted.

    • Macro Man Jr. says:

      Comment sections nowadays are catered to Tweet-sized comments that best support the popular views. lol

  3. Djaz says:

    Hahahaha… that sure is hilarious!

  4. VinnyFreeman says:

    Ya know ..I keep hearing all this talk on “soft league” “Physicality” etc …last I checked, BASKETBALL was NOT a combat sport. It’s a sport of skill, as originally designed by Dr. Naismith. Yes Athletes are bigger and more muscular today then those “peach-bucket” days, but still ..why do we want a sport that emphasizes Bullying over honing your skillset? We have that already’s called Football …I’m glad that basketball (my favorite sport) has evolved to a contest where people who have worked and honed their craft can succeed over 6’10” 200lb behemoths (and yes I’d qualify as the latter, in size) – besides ..Steph Curry and the Warriors are just plain FUN TO WATCH!! IMO …of course!

  5. Adam says:

    The league is so WEAK now, Jordan had guys hanging off of him all game! If curry gets touched it is a foul. The league has gone too far in protecting the big names. Let them play. Just because the NBA wants to rid themselves of the Bulls records doesn’t mean you just hand it to the Warriors.

    • Dan P says:

      I dont think you watch many Warriors games, Curry gets fouled a lot and the calls dont always come for him the same as others.

      • ohiocowboys says:

        He is clearly joking, along with the rest of the people who say Curry wouldn’t last in the “old days”. Everyone knows league was weaker back in the ’96 Bulls grandpa days. Athletes are stronger, faster and shoot better from 3 now. Of course they used to get fouled more back then, because no one could shoot like Curry, so they had to get close. And if you tackle and hack other players you’re in a wrong sport anyways.
        But Warriors are just lucky, they’re not that good. They get all calls in their favor. They’re lucky to win that many, a lot of games were close. If Cavaliers were healthy last year, they would have won the title easy.
        Curry is not better than MJ, LeBron is. LeBron would sweep 96 Bulls with any lineup. He is bigger and stronger than MJ, and LeBron could easily play in the “old league” and dominate everyone there.

  6. Jake says:

    Curry gets knocked, held, and hit all the time and almost never gets calls. You must be confusing him with Harden who goes to the line almost 11 times a game.

  7. Antonio Perez says:

    i understand the difference between playing basketball using skills “athleticism” and playing football and believe me that wasn’t what i meant, the part that you might not understand is that in the 90’s there was a rule called hand check,it wasn’t nothing dirty but you were allowed to play a little bit more defense with that little bit of contact, now today you try to play defense and that is a foul i don’t even have to touch you with my fingertips to be a foul all i have to is attempt to play defense, and i’m not just talking about curry and talking about the entire league, tell me what i’m suppose to do, sit in the court and let you shoot, i like playing defense as much as i like to score, today everybody wants to shoot nobody want to play defense, what happened to man to man defense. back in the day there was more competition, what we have today 5 teams, the warriors had the easiest schedule in nba history, prepare to see bench vs bench in the 2 games vs the spurs, i wanted all 4 games to be a war, a preview for the playoff

  8. It’s called evolution. The world today is a lot different than in MJ’s 96. The NBA needs these rules because if they played like they did back then the NBA would be like hockey pure of violence because as the decades go on there is less and less sportsmanship.

    And if I understand Steph has missed many games due to injury. And I saw a lot of times him getting hurt pretty bad going to the paint. He is only 6’2 so of course they are going to call fouls.

    This is about people not wanting to let go of their childhood heroes. I like MJ but he couldn’t hold a candle or stop Curry on the floor. He is too different, the Warriors are too different. So in a way maybe it is true you would have to hard foul them so you would have a chance. And no one can call Draymond Green a baby player he scraps with the best of them.

    • Macro Man Jr. says:

      It’s not mere evolution–it’s controlled development. Rather detriment development, at that.

      The world (or, rather, this current era in the West) today is a lot softer than the MJ’s day. Folks are too afraid of hurting people’s feelings, and so everything reflects political correctness and safety concerns heightened to the point of patronizing viewers.

      Folks are overly-scared to let their kids see any kind of contact in sports now, despite advances in equipment safety and rules (and despite that most guys who had CTE played in rougher eras of sports with less protection).

      Folks don’t even want violence in M-rated video games, anymore, because folks are too lazy to employ parental guidance and monitor what their kids buy and play. And if gruff action movies today don’t feature more scrawny female lead characters, it will apparently cause a rift in spacetime or something. So much today’s society is holding our hands and babying us, and safeguard life too much.

      You want people to be safe, but for heaven’s sake, sports is a CONTEST. It’s something that was born out of some natural tensions in us. You need some aggression to the sport. Even one such as basketball. There are ways to play a safer game without overly-handicapping the game.

      No hand-checking whatsoever. No tough rebounding, because fouling’s too easy now. Technical fouls given way too easily now. Traveling goes uncalled to an egregious level these days. And, pretty soon, intentional fouling might even be gone. It’s deleting away the game.

      Softer rules compromise the product of sports. It’s changing the way players play, where defense goes lax and allows for much easier offense. Sure, it leads to more unconventional styles of play (i.e., the Warriors), but it leads to some bad fundamentals, as everyone largely tries to “adapt” to one dominant team’s style of play (more small ball, less usage of big men, the backcourt being the primary scorers, etc.), while forgetting other styles of play.

      (As for sportsmanship, that’s not a matter of rules. That’s a matter of locker room philosophy.)

      What’s good for some teams, like the Warriors, can be a bad way to try to set how other teams should play. But the League today pretty much forces teams to think offense-first, defense-second. Like, EVERYONE has to have a good three-point shot now, which is interest where it works, but isn’t necessary for every team. You say it’s “evolution,” but truer evolution sees diversity. This controlled development is not good for diversity in pro basketball.

      What made the Bulls so fun to watch wasn’t that they were just great, but they were great in the face of tougher basketball against teams that had unmistakable identities. The Knicks were hard-hitting. Reggie and the Pacer had their style. Malone and Stockton was THE dynamic duo. Etc. Nowadays, teams try to look too synonymous. Everybody tries to duplicate a three-point-centric game with a score-leading backcourt and wimpy usage of the big men. That’s kinda sad.

      The NBA doesn’t need these rules as sensitive as they are. If they played like they did back then, the NBA would be a much more diverse game, where adapt to your own style of game to survive the strong competition. You can place rules that keep players safer without compromising the spirit of tough competition.

      This is about people not wanting to let go of the difference between tougher sports and softened sports. And if you think MJ couldn’t hold a candle or stop Curry on the floor, I guess you never watch him closely. He is very different, but Jordan was very complete as a player as you can get. He was a greatest of players in the FACE of tougher defense. There was nobody Jordan couldn’t take down, because he adapted his game against all the diverse styles. It was BECAUSE of the era he played in that he was (arguably but often indisputably) the greatest NBA player in history.

      Curry, on the other hand, as much as I love the guy, benefits entirely from the laxer defense. When people rarely contest your shots well, or let you step into your range without man-to-man defense, it’s no wonder Curry’s been able to take the kind of ridiculous(ly-awesome) shots that, once upon a time traditionally, would’ve sent a player on the bench, by the coach.

      I’m not knocking Curry’s game at all here. I’m a big Curry fan. I enjoyed watching him rise. I love what he does, I think he plays excellent basketball, and I do hold him as one of the greatest players the game’s ever seen. I just keep it in perspective that he’s a product of his era, as much as Jordan was, but only that Jordan’s mark on the game was done under much tougher circumstances.

      Jordan wouldn’t have played the way Curry does today, but you don’t need to play like Curry to win. MJ still would’ve studied Curry and exploited his weaknesses, like Curry’s turnover rate and his tendency to showboat. MJ was a tenacious study of other players, and he adapted himself against opponents. As great as Steph is, he doesn’t quite operate the same way.

      Instead, Curry hones his crafty moves and well-developed shot, and knows that nobody in today’s League can tackle his style of play. That is, unless you’re one of the few players who’ve shut down Curry’s game in recent seasons, playing good old-fashioned tough defense (like what scrappy Dellavedova did it TWICE in the NBA Finals 2015, completely shutting down Curry in Games 2 and 3, before his body gave out on him).

      Though, I will 100% agree with you that no one can call Draymond Green a baby player. He plays very much the way NBA players generally USED to play. But he’s done it in a way that’s adjusted to today’s League. I think Draymond probably would’ve survived the 80s and 90s even better than Steph would’ve. That is, unless Steph played along side with Reggie Miller on the 90s Pacers, which might’ve been awesome enough to land Miller his ring. Hahaha!

    • Jay says:

      I was with you til you said Jordan couldnt guard or hold a candle to Curry. If you believe that, you know little about basketball. Jordan was a much better defender than Curry, and far more versatile scoring wise. Curry is dependent on his 3 ball to make him a threat. If its not falling, he’s only slightly above average. Jordan was dangerous ANYWHERE and he wasnt even a great 3pt shooter. Curry may score against Jordan, but it wouldn’t be effective, and the work required to do so would wear him down and out in a series.

      If those Bulls played these Warriors, 3 matchups alone would ruin the Warriors, Jordan Pippen and Rodman were all all NBA defenders. Jordan and or Pippen would cover Klay and Curry. No way at least one of the isnt effectively a non factor as a result. Most importantly, Dennis Rodman would have gotten under Draymond Greens skin. Green often just out works his opponents, and that would never happen against Rodman.

      Steph Curry is amazing, easily the best shooter ive seen EVER, but having unlimited range doesnt take the fact that Jordan was a better defender, and more versatile scorer. Steph Curry has been amazing for 2 seasons. Jordan was pretty much amazing throughout his entire run with the Bulls.

  9. taj says:

    Dude try hanging off of Curry at the 3-pt line and see if you can really hang on to him. He is not the dunking machine that MJ was, kudos to MJ for those highlight reels tho.

    And I suggest watching their games first before you comment such inaccuracies.

  10. OK for one. That would not be allowed in a real NBA basketball game, for two that would be a kick ball violation. And for starters , the guy on the rim, if he was to guard curry, just saying, that guy would get his ankles broken so bad, it would be even worse than, the time when Lebron crossed that rookie in one of the regular season games. that guys legs crossed over each other, and when he tried to move forward, he tripped himself and fell , leaving Lebron with a open jump-shot. so don’t even go there with, this is how your guard curry, like, no get that out of here, like really. no. they cant even play on currys level of 3point shooting range if he was being guarded, he shot over lebron james, by just standing there like wow. and behind the 3 point line.

  11. theman says:

    well i wouldnt want my kid to grow up throwing elbows at dudes attacking the rim. just like they do in the old days. but basktelball is better today and i know for sure if bulls95-96 would play today ,teams would be planning how to beat them just like GSW is doing right now. they sure know how to make around teams that is why they are winning. tactics and skill set

  12. A reminder to those saying the Warriors aren’t even that good and the Bulls would wipe the floor with em….THE BULLS LOST TWO GAMES OUT OF SIX in three straight Finals against Sonics and Jazz teams that were very good, but nowhere NEAR as good as the Warriors.

    • Bocha says:

      But Warriors lost with Cavs two straight games last finals…they lost with Bucks, Lakers, Blazzers this year…I don’t see your point

      • Macro Man Jr. says:

        And even the Spurs lost to a badly-injured Pelicans early this season. Folks seems to forget that, on any given night, a strong team can have a struggling night, and a struggling team can have a strong night. Cue the Warriors team in history losing once to the worst Lakers team in history.

    • AlleigHoops says:

      To be fair, that was mainly so the bulls could get the clinch win on their home court., in front of their home fans

  13. wynn says:

    Why the comparison to Bulls? 😃 Grow up already! Warriors are good, period! 😉😄😆

  14. SwaggyP says:

    People be like, “Back in my day” you can’t have a legit argument unless you played against these Warriors.

  15. rambo says:

    its so easy to defend curry don’t let him touch the ball simple.

  16. xrb says:

    Lol! Maybe just look at how things are being officiated now a days to before. Today a brush on the shooter is a foul! Lol!! You can jump in the lane, get hit and flail away your arms to flop and get the benefit of a charging call. Or drive to the basket and snap your head back to get a free trip to the free throw line.

    On the other hand, you can’t hand check as before where the defender can cheat and put his hand on your hip and prevent you to drive to the basket. The legends call that defense. Today’s defense is the real defense where it has to be a team effort and you move fast and move with your feet. Rodman, Laimbeer, Oakley will have their ankles broken if they tried to guard Curry now with the current rules. But if it was the old rules what makes you think Bogut, Iguoudola, Green can’t set those hard picks that will be called foul by today’s standards? By the way, Curry just torches good defensive players with hand in his face, Lol! remember Anthony Davis? Kawai Leonard?

    Bottomline, rules changed, basketball has evolve and I like the way how it is played currently. Team basketball, good ball movement, team defense. People of the old days want to see a guy (ie. Jordan) drive to the basket, do a magic circus shot or dunk on somebody’s face, now it’s about ball movement and hit the open 3 or the half-court shot for that matter..

  17. Matt says:

    Back in my days, Basketball was a real sport. Not this ballet they show nowadays. You touch someone and it’s a foul. You look at someone and it’s a technical. They should let the players fight it out and have it like real men. Curry would get destroyed because he is a weakling. Basketball should be centered under the rim, and three-point line should be removed, just like Popovich was saying. Let them fight, but keep it civil, like WWE. Even NFL is becoming soft, who cares about athlete’s health? That’s why they get paid millions! They are here to entertain us. If they get hurt, too bad for them. That’s why I love Nascar, real man’s racing, not like F1, where they barely ever hit other cars. I just have to drink 6 extra beers before the game to dull the pain of what sports has become.
    Gonna go beat my wife and kids to let some of this anger out.

  18. Rick says:

    Marco Man Jr.,

    Fortunately i seen basketball from the 70s. Steph Curry would be great in any era. Do you remember when you couldn’t cough close to Michael Jordan without getting a foul. The basketball players of this generation are:
    More athletic
    Better Shooters

    Watch what Chris Jackson did to MJ and the bulls (52 points). He was the forerunner to S. Curry.

    Stop trying to rationalize and diminish what the Warriors have accomplished. If it were so easy some other team would have done in before now. Marvel that a 6 feet 2 inch guy could dominate a league of giants.

  19. Zanzibar Auchtipplbip says:

    Bulls and Warriors are incomparable teams, Bulls it was basically give the ball to Jordan, let him shoot it or find Pippen or the short white, shooting guard, then tighten the screws on defense. Warriors are much better rounded and play as a team, spread the ball around and have crazy ability to shoot the 3. Personally I enjoy Warriors style more, remind me more of the great Spurs teams than the Bulls. Lol at whoever said Jordan doesn’t compare to Curry tho, def. betray your age with comments like that.

  20. Nick says:

    Perimeter defense is a real concern with today’s rules.

    It is virtually impossible to have any meaningful impact on the ball handler on the outside in a 1v1 setting with the current rules. Most teams just plan on getting blown by on the outside, so the defender will just play slightly to one side to force the ball handler into a weaker shooting spot or into rotating defense.

    I’m not one to say that today’s teams would do poorly in the 90’s. There are a lot of monster athletes that would have done just fine in the grind, and probably flourished… but to be honest, I don’t want to go back to that. However, as it is, there is no way to slow down a perimeter player or to feel where they’re shifting before they’re gone. Defenders are always playing catch up. Personally, I think there’s some middle ground to found.

  21. alDUBS says:

    buray ni ina ninyo! 🙂 chef curry malang labsay kito luto mo masimut ika..

  22. CT says:

    Simply put…
    NBA is a BUSINESS.

  23. Thor says:

    Watched Basketball evolve since 1967 when flopping was used as a defensive strategy, when centers camped in the paint, and hand checking was allowed. Since the rules have changed to create more flow, defense cannot be compared against today’s game. There is more ball movement to get to the open man, so strategies change with the times. Notice ball rotation to the weak side or spacing against a driving opponent? I hear the many of you as fans, but unless you played the game between then & now, you are comparing Apples to Oranges. Records are made to be broken,but nothing more than that. Otherwise why do we call it a game?

  24. Antonio 3rd says:

    Take a page from Cleveland who dealt them 2 losses last Finals. Slow down the game, clog on the 3 balls, do it consistently for 4 quarters.

  25. Matt Burke says:

    As far as i’m concerned, Curry is NOT an extremely athletic player. He’s just a friggin’ MASTERFUL shooter. (And YES, i HAVE seen him drive to the basket lots of times. just reinforces my belief).

  26. Jlev123 says:

    Kawhi is better all around than curry

  27. ghiaelcid says:

    you guys debate alot. just ENJOY this team and ENJOY watching Curry. he’s a unique player and we’re lucky this team and this player is playing in our era.

  28. sanjay says:

    gsw can be beat. spurs have their number-in their house. but there is home court advantage. so unless spurs can beat GSW at home, it is hard. spurs are bad match to clippers ala last year. if griffin comes back strong spurs also have issues.
    okc can give run for anybodys money on their day. so they are all gearing up for playoffs. those 4 teams will fight it out with GSW enjoying the edge.

  29. ely says:

    Just appreciate Steph & the Warriors talent. Its not about the era, its all about hard work to enhance their talent. Don’t compare Steph and MJ, obviously they are different kind of players, the only thing that is similar to them is they change the game. People always compare who is the best team or player, if that is the case well maybe the best team is Bill Russell’s Boston who won 8 straight NBA championship. ’96 bulls team has the best record but that’s not mean they are the “BEST TEAM” in the NBA. So stop the argument & comparison. “just ENJOY this team and ENJOY watching Curry”