Kobe giving away tickets to his final game

VIDEO: Kobe Omaze

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Perhaps the hottest ticket in the NBA this season will be on Wednesday, April 13, when the Los Angeles Lakers host the Utah Jazz. Barring any surprises, this should be the final home game in the legendary career of Kobe Bryant. And while tickets can be obtained for a lot of money, there’s still an opportunity to get two front row tickets (plus travel and lodging) for as little as $10…thanks to Kobe himself.

Bryant is partnering with the fundraising website Omaze, where a donation of as little as $10 qualifies entrants for the chance to win two tickets donated by Kobe for the Jazz/Lakers game. The proceeds will go to several charitable organizations, including The Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, the Positive Coaching Alliance and The After-School All-Stars of Los Angeles. And hurry up, the contest ends on April 8.


  1. devaris lee says:

    Kobe is the greatest athlete I have seen in my 25 years being on this world. To watch you in person would truly be an honor.

  2. aidan lloyd says:

    Sure lee

  3. Best in the business, his competitive spirit, clutch and foot work are a complement to the game we love.

  4. Ebony Durante says:

    I will love to see u Kobe me and my husband we are a true fan I have Lakers everything down to pocket books and earrings. I even have kids that amire u. I hate to see this come to a end for u and I love to watch u play what am I going to do now. I know this will be an emotional time for me. The sad thing is I can’t enter to win because I dont trust putting my card info on line. But if I’m not there I will truly be watching every final game here on out. Oh I ment to say I also played basketball my position was small forward

  5. Silas Bell says:

    Kobe it’s bitter sweet to know your leaving the game but it’s been a pleasure to watch you for 20 years. If you choose me or not I just want to let you no I have mad RESPECT for what you bought to the GAME. # 1 KOBE FAN!!

  6. Jeramie says:

    Kobe ain’t nothing without shaq he should think shaq for creating him

  7. aaliyah gonzalez says:

    I know for sure Kobe won’t see this but I want to write something for everybody can see. I want to start by saying that Kobe is for sure the best thing that came into this world. He is such an amazing,incredible basketball player. Even though I won’t be able to see him in his last game, all i want to say is that you are a LEGEND, you reached that goal of perfection. I will always be a KOBE #1 FAN. When i grow up and achieve my goal. Which is playing for The Los Angeles Sparks and play with them for twenty years like you played with the Lakers for twenty years. Anyways all I wanted to really say is I LOVE YOU KOBE you are my role model and my hero. You motivated me to chase after my dream thank you for that. You are the best ever. P.S. remember what you said “HEROES COME AND GO, BUT LEGENDS ARE FOREVER”. I love you KOBE!!!

  8. Shaun Hines says:

    Floor Seats Next Kobe

  9. Free tickets says:

    to see a floundering team that has all the fight of a dead duck? With a guy that always took ball hogging over best possible shot?? … pfffffft, fuhggidaboutit!

  10. Robert Sawyer says:

    I have been a LAKER ever since I started watching basketball and I have always DREAMED of seeing a game in person. Love you, Kobe, and wish you the very best in your life after basketball.

  11. kobe bryant is a legend he has paid they way just like michael jordan he has been in the nba so long we are going to miss him he was my hero i am sad he is leaving

    kobe has lead the way for the players these days he was made history fro over 25 years it is sad to see him leave i am go miss his dunks and layups

  12. Michael Jordan says:

    I don´t like koby. he tooke all my moves

  13. Eway says:

    I wish i was kobe 💯

  14. Koby i will miss your game. You hace been a Good leader.. You filled Michael Jordans abscense. And now you to are Leaving the Gane . But thats the way Life is , i hope we will see you again in Some how related the game. Godspead