Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler play Password

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — What is the best way to find out how well two teammates know each other? Pick-and-roll defense? Running a give-and-go? How about playing Password? Here’s Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose playing a round of the game, attempting to name things that are green, from jalapenos to Kermit the Frog.

VIDEO: Bulls Password

(via SBNation)


  1. Randall D says:

    That don’t look like two teammates that bump heads. I jus think when ur the dominate source of baccourt production then ur injured and someone emerges as a formidable option back there with you it takes some adjusting. I believe next yr this will be a top 3 backcourt!

  2. Yasir_Ahmad says:

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  3. Aaron Wahrman says:

    I think if they keep both of these guys and give Doug a contract they will be really good in the next few years. Oh yeah, don’t forget about Bobby Portis, he’s gonna be a great player in this league.