Houston Rockets break out bizarre free throw distraction

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are many ways to distract your opponent while they are at the free throw line. Yell at them? Clap your hands? Talk to them? Thundersticks? These are all options that are in play.

Or, if you’re the Houston Rockets mascot, and Utah’s Rodney Hood is at the free throw line, you wheel out a garbage can with a shirtless man painted green and holding a popcorn bucket over his head hiding inside of it.



  1. rapace101 says:

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  2. Lbj says:

    distracting players while there taking free throws won’t win you any rings, you need to join the king in Cleveland will give you our mascot moondog for clutch

  3. iAnonGuy says:

    Is this even legal/allowed? This should not be allowed, if this video is real… Which I almost want to say it isn’t, because it’s so… ridiculously bad etiquette to do this.

    • The One And Only says:

      It is real. I am a jazz fan and we have a season ticket holder for 25+ years that is court side every home game. He used to bring things to throw in the air, Rubber Chicken, Basketball with a face, anything like that. But the league gave him a warning for doing it, but people can do this. Its freaking stupid in my opinion.