Meet the ‘Most Interesting Man In The NBA’

By Jeff Case

There’s a good chance you probably don’t know who actor Jonathan Goldsmith is on name recognition alone.

But there’s also a good chance you do know him based on the suave, stylish and, most notably, interesting, character he played in commercials for Dos Equis beer over the past nine years — the “Most Interesting Man in the World.”

Dos Equis announced in March that Goldsmith wouldn’t be back in his role and his final commercial aired during Super Bowl 50Still, Goldsmith’s has made a pretty solid mark in American pop culture nonetheless.

The Golden State Warriors took on the “Most Interesting Man in the World” concept with a video that was shown during a recent film session of Player Development Coach Bruce Fraser (known as “Q” to the players), who has some Goldsmith-like qualities, apparently …

VIDEO: Bruce Fraser, aka “The Most Interesting Man in the NBA”

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