Nike declares April 13 “Mamba Day”

VIDEO: Mamba Day

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve known for a while now that this would be Kobe Bryant‘s final season, but the clock is about to finally run out. Next week, on Wednesday, April 13, Kobe Bryant will play his final NBA game. And to celebrate his final appearance on an NBA court, Nike has named that date “Mamba Day.”

According to a release from Nike…

Beginning today, Nike-sponsored athletes worldwide will celebrate the player many love to hate by wearing black and gold shoes, a metaphoric nod to Bryant’s golden career fading to black on April 13.

From the golf course in Augusta to football pitches in Europe and numerous fields of play in between, accomplished athletes including Rory McIlroy, Mike Trout and Carli Lloyd will honor one of the world’s most polarizing champions. Bryant is a hero to fans and a villain to others, but nobody can question his fierce competitiveness, which has led to five world championships, 18 All-Star appearances and two gold medals.

And already, Nike athletes are rocking their black and gold. Yesterday at round one of The Masters, for instance, Rory McIlroy broke out some spikes that fit the bill, and even had 4/13 written on them…

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