Dallas Mavericks channel Wolf of Wall Street with new chant

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There’s a scene in the recent movie The Wolf of Wall Street where Matthew McConaughey welcomes Leonardo DiCaprio to his first job on Wall Street by asking Leo to join him in a tribal chant right there at the lunch table in a nice restaurant. It’s a chant probably more fitting for a sports venue, so the Dallas Mavericks have put together their own version and hashtagged it “#MAVSCHANT,” and asked fans to record and share their own versions.

For now, here’s Dirk and the fellas giving it their best…

VIDEO: Mavs Chant

Nick Young throws swaggy first pitch at Dodgers game

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I was at the Heat/Bobcats Game 2 last night in Miami to write about it for NBA.com, and as one does, I was checking Twitter throughout the game. While I was on Twitter, I kept seeing tweets about Nick Young throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game in Los Angeles (along with Lakers teammate Jordan Farmar). Coming so close on the heels of his great adventure at the NHL playoffs, I knew this was tailor-made for All Ball.

Because of the angle of this video it’s a little hard to tell exactly where the pitch ends up. But whenever the catcher stands and turns around and starts looking for the ball, that’s never a good sign…

Drawing LeBron James

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — People who can use ink and paint to bring a blank page to life have always amazed me. Unfortunately, my art skills extend about as far as stick figures. The video below, however, is from artist Heather Rooney, and it’s well worth your time. Watch as she uses prismacolor colored pencils to craft a stunningly lifelike rendition of LeBron James

VIDEO: Drawing LeBron James

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Iverson documentary trailer debuts

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The story of Allen Iverson is one of the most compelling, amazing, divisive, interesting stories in all of sports. And for those of us from my generation, we got to live through it, seeing The Answer as he fought for his place among the NBA’s great, eventually scoring an MVP award and a trip to the NBA Finals. Now that AI is officially retired, he’s telling his own story with an upcoming documentary, simply titled Iverson. The movie debuts this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, and will certainly make its way to a larger audience soon…

VIDEO: Iverson Documentary

Throwback Thursday: The Admiral scores 71

VIDEO: Robinson scores 71 points

Welcome to Throwback Thursday here on the All Ball Blog. Each week, we’ll delve into the NBA’s photo archives and uncover a topic and some great images from way back when. Hit us up here if you have suggestions for a future TBT on All Ball. Suggestions are always welcome!

Today’s Topic: David Robinson scores 71 points

On April 24, 1994, the final day of the 1993-94 regular season, David Robinson trailed Shaquille O’Neal by just 33 points for the NBA scoring title. Robinson made sure the title was his by erupting for 71 points on 26-for-41 from the field against the Los Angeles Clippers. At season’s end, he edged Shaq for the title by .5 points per game.

Only four other NBA players (Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, David Thompson and Kobe Bryant) have scored more than 70 points and Robinson is the only one to accomplish the feat while shooting over 63 percent from the floor. Robinson continued to shine during the 1994-95 regular season to win the MVP.

Check out the images below from The Admiral’s historic game twenty years ago today.

Gallery: Throwback Thursday: Robinson scores 71

What’s your favorite David Robinson moment? Leave your comments below!

What’s cooler than cool? Swaggy P at a hockey game

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Lakers season may be over, but the always entertaining adventures of Nick Young, a.k.a. Swaggy P, who endured this awful Lakers season with what felt like unlimited enthusiasm.

Just because the season is over, though, doesn’t mean the Swaggy stops. Last night Swaggy went to an L.A. Kings hockey playoff game and had a chance to be as swaggy as ever…including a chance to ride shotgun on the Zamboni…

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Miami Heat’s DJ Irie introduces HYDE AmericanAirlines Arena playoff playlist

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

Sacramento Kings v Miami Heat

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I’ve been to a bunch of games in Miami the last few years, and one of the interesting things at Heat games that sets them apart is they have their own in-house DJ, DJ Irie, who spins during games and keeps the crowd fired up. After games, Irie plays inside HYDE, the nightclub that’s actually inside the AmericanAirlines Arena.

This year, as the Heat chase a three-peat, DJ Irie has come up with an official playlist. So if you want to watch a Heat game like a Heat fan who is in the arena, you can download or stream this playlist and listen along at home…


1.       Booyah – Showtek feat. We are Loud! & Sonny Wilson

2.       Turn Down for What – DJ Snake feat. Lil’ Jon

3.       Drop That Nae Nae – We Are Toonz

4.       Animals – Martin Garrix

5.       Trophies – Drake

6.       Stand Up – Henry Fong

7.       23 – Mike Will Made It feat. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J

8.       My Hitta – YG feat. Young Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan

9.       I Won – Future feat. Kanye West

10.     Watch Out For This  (Bumaye) – Major Lazer feat. Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green

Raptors mascot eats Nets fan

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Emotions definitely run pretty high during the postseason. And not just among players — I’m talking fans and mascots as well. Check out what happened last night in Toronto, where a Nets fan was blindfolded and essentially fed to the Raptors’ inflatable Raptor mascot. I’m not saying this wasn’t set-up in advance, but, well, either way it’s pretty funny…

VIDEO: Raptor eats Nets fan

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Drake sits courtside in Toronto, rolls lint off pants

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s Raptors/Nets game was big for Toronto, where the Raptors won their first playoff game since 2008 to even the series against Brooklyn at 1-1. But the moment of the game that won the internet happened off the court. Like, literally just inches from the court.

Sitting courtside at the game was Toronto’s “global ambassador,” music superstar Drake. Part of being a celebrity is looking as great as you can at all times, of course, because at one point during the first quarter last night, cameras caught Drake in the background as he vigorously wiped his pants clean with a lint roller.

Started from the bottom now he’s here…right around the knee area…


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NBA Journal: Raptors make a run

Patrick Patterson, left, against Andray Blatche in Game 1, is in the NBA playoffs. (Ron Turenne/NBAE)

Patrick Patterson, left, against Andray Blatche in Game 1, is in the NBA playoffs. (Ron Turenne/NBAE)

By Patrick Patterson, for NBA.com

This is the most excited I’ve been to write a blog post since I started — the Toronto Raptors are in the Playoffs!  This is what I have wanted ever since I was a rookie and I am so proud to be part of this team.

When we clinched our spot, there was a feeling of relief, but we were also so proud of ourselves and one another.  We worked so hard for this all season, to finally achieve it is a great feeling.  We all celebrated with a team dinner, just having fun and enjoying the moment.

What makes it so much better is that our success this year was really a team effort.  Whether everyone’s unselfishness and willingness to move and share the ball, or DeMar and Kyle’s ability to become those leaders and star-caliber players we needed, every single person on this team contributed. We all knew individually what we had to do for this team in order for us to be successful, and all bought into what the coaching staff was telling us. We work hard and play hard, with lots of energy and young guys on the team.

Prepping for the Playoffs has been all about watching film, correcting previous mistakes against our opponent, knowing what they like to do and how they took advantage of us as far as plays on the court, mismatches and areas of the game we have to get better at.  Practices and workouts are short and sweet, a few reps, a few contact plays.  It’s all mental and all based on what we see on film, just trying to memorize game situations.

My personal goal for the Playoffs is to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. I want to make sure I work hard every single game so I don’t ever wonder, “What if I had given more?” I want to always be satisfied at the end of every game knowing that I gave it my all.

An added benefit of having my first Playoff series with this team is that I’m alongside two guys that were there my first year in Houston when we finished 9th – Kyle Lowry and Chuck Hayes. These guys have always treated me like a younger brother, watching out for me, so being able to have this experience with them is great, and hopefully there will be more to come!

It is not going to be an easy road to the Finals.  First up is Brooklyn, a team full of veterans with Playoff and Championship experience.  After that, we would face the winner of the Miami and Charlotte matchup.  LeBron and his basketball IQ alongside D Wade and Bosh, all returning champs, all extremely tough to beat.  Charlotte can slow down the game and have Al Jefferson who will punish you inside and get rebounds, in addition to Kemba Walker’s one-on-one ability.

Whatever matchups come our way, I am so confident in our team and know that we will leave everything we have on the floor every single game.  We the North!

Before the Playoffs started I had a chance to see Oculus, my next #patspicks movie review.  The plot of this movie made it one of the best I have seen in a long time.  It was able to jump from flashbacks to present day in a way that was intriguing instead of confusing.  You were on the edge of your seat trying to guess what happened next, but there were so many twists that threw you off.  Overall I give it an eight out of 10.  I originally thought this was a horror movie, which is one of my favorite genres, so I was expecting a little more gore, but this was definitely more of a thriller that messed with your mind.