Travis Outlaw Gets Posterized During Media Day

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier this summer, we wondered if “posterizing” would be the next big thing. We saw it in a school hallway, during an interview, and during the rookie photo shoot. And the trend continues!

Perhaps inspired by fellow rookie Victor Oladipo at the rookie shoot, Kings G Ben McLemore teamed up with Patrick Patterson yesterday at Kings’ Media Day to posterize their teammate, Travis Outlaw. Here’s a video from the Sacramento Bee

And here’s a secondary angle captured by Cowbell Kingdom (with wholly appropriate music)…

Keep your head on a swivel, you guys — don’t get posterized!

(via BIL)


  1. L.A Baby!!! says:

    No chance for these guys to win. They need players who are mature and focused, not a bunch of kids who fool around

    • RJ says:

      While I would usually agree with this sentiment, they are young guys, and this was media day. First time all the guys are around eachother in a team environment with the media focused on them, they should be having some fun. It’s a good sign at this point that morale is good.

      Patrick Patterson is a level headed, smart, hard working player who has actually been praised for his maturity since college. Ben McLemore is a 19 year old kid. But he is a scorer who already has a killer instinct. This seems like an appropriate venue for this type of messing around. If they’re on a 3 game losing streak, and they’re acting like this when they should be working out or during practice, that’s a different story.

      Or a bunch of young guys could just not have fun together ever, for the sake of conservation of their public image from the perspective of people like you, who read way to much into a MOMENT in these guys’ lives. I feel like you’re just reaching for a reason to hate. Jealousy is a stinky cologne.

    • Brodie Styles says:

      I disagree completely, being a player there is nothing worse than having a dead set serious team. Having fun on thse kind of events and with your team mates changes the complete ability of your team. A bunch of friends will always play better than a group of individual players on a team!

    • Chris says:

      Not sure a guy who’s name is LA BABY really knows what they’re talking about.

      • Seymore Butts the lll, Esquire says:

        I disagree. Maybe he is talking from experience and so DOES know what he is talking about. With a name like LA baby, he must not be successful in his career based on his logic. LA baby is not a name that exudes maturity.

  2. Tre Tre Tre says:

    Funny stuff!!! This is the side of the NBA players that you seldom get to see. Glad their having fun now though….Don’t think they’ll be enjoying themselves much during the season lol.

  3. A Ray says:

    Well someones a buzzkill

  4. Matthew says:

    He’s an LA fan of course he hates on Sac. He’s just butthurt that the Fakers are gonna have a down year.

  5. shotgun says:

    lol Travis sounds like Tyron Biggins

  6. maorinash says:

    wouldn’t be that funny if Outlaw was seriously injured lol.

  7. ANTONELLO#14 says:


  8. Dendel says:

    Kevin McHale was a huge prankster/jokester and look how the Celtics did. Not everyone has to have a serious personality for a team to succeed.

  9. marcelino says:

    He can thank to god or anyone, he didnt hurt him…
    it could be quite serious injury cause he didnt saw him coming.

  10. installerx says:

    I would have been more seriously worried with Ben McLemore landing on Outlaw like that. A freak accident like twisted ankle would have made this video a lot worse. Nice prank and all but good thing no one got injured.