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Mamba Takes A Fall, Fans Grimace Along

by Zettler Clay IV

Earlier, Kobe’s season came to a halt on a typical Kobe spin-toward-basket-before-rising-to-launch-patented-16-foot-shot. He wasn’t going to rest under his own volition, so his body finally gave way. Is this our last time seeing Kobe make a move toward the basket in an NBA game? If only pictures could scream:


Mamba Gives The Stare In Toronto

by Zettler Clay IV

Around here, we like to freeze-frame moments that encapsulate a pivotal moment in basketball time. From the Lakers’ camp this season, Pau Gasol already gave us the shrug. What do we have this time around? How about a peeved, er, contemplative Kobe isolated while the rest of the team is gathered:


This was early in the Lakers-Raptors contest, before Dwight Howard got himself ejected, before the Lakers’ furious late-game rally, before…another loss.

With Chicago and Memphis looming next, this still visual might get more company.

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Create-a-caption: Jeremy in Broadway

by Zettler Clay

Before the Knicks squared off against the Kings on Wednesday night — and before our guy dished out a season-high 13 assists in another win:

A state of perfect Lin?

Thunderous Scenes in L.A.

by Zettler Clay

By now, you’ve seen the Dunk Heard ‘Round The Internet World. A month from now, the praise surrounding Blake Griffin’s recent aerial attack may seem hyperbolic, downright silly and just like a group of capricious basketball nerds getting ahead of themselves.

There will be plenty of prose and soundbites that offers perspective later. In the meantime, there was this immediate reaction from the man formerly known as Kendrick Perkins after the play:

But Blake’s work wasn’t done, as Kevin Durant and his 36 points later found out:

Or if you prefer the freeze frame version:

The Thunder might want to stay away from the social networks for a day or two.

H/T @jphanned

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Opening Night: Create-A-Caption

by Zettler Clay

Stan Van Gundy, how I missed thee. Let me count the ways.

Whether he was gawking at his star player’s 4-12 field goal shooting, 11-point performance or the fact that the opposing starting small forward had all of his way on the court, there was plenty to be incredulous about. Paul Bearer would be proud.

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Pictures don’t lie…right?

by Zettler Clay

Well, well, well. The ghost of Kendrick Perkins reared its head tri-fold yesterday, when the Chris Paul-to-Los Angeles Clippers trade became official after Chris Kaman passed his physical. It seems to me that these three guys are stoked.

This guy on the other hand, looks downright despondent. God help him.

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NBA Finals Game 5: Create-a-caption

by Zettler Clay

For the second straight game, LeBron James was a no-show in the final period in the points total category, scoring two more points than me.

Dwyane Wade, on the other hand, put up 10 points in the same span after leaving the game and coming back — not quite Willis Reed, but tough nonetheless — from a hip injury.

At the risk of misquoting the immortal Rasheed Wallace: Picture don’t lie.

NBA Finals Game 4: Create-a-Caption

by Zettler Clay

Considering the bulletin board material Jason Terry’s been lobbing to the media about the Heat (calling Portland’s defense better and challenging LeBron James to stop him for seven games), it was expected to be inspired play from both players in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Except it wasn’t. Terry scored 17 points to LeBron’s eight. But that doesn’t tell half the story.

Terry’s fourth quarter total: Eight points.

LeBron’s fourth quarter total: Zero.

Zilch…ouch. Have fun folks.

NBA Finals Game 2: Create -a-Caption

by Zettler Clay

Blowing a 15-point fourth quarter lead has its merits. Fans, writers, photographers and producers alike benefit from a game filled to the brim with energy, drama and clutch plays.

But a look like this (courtesy of Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra) is what the Playoffs are made for.

NBA Finals Game 1: Create-a-caption

by Zettler Clay

Whatever Chris Bosh is doing, Dirk Nowitzki and Udonis Haslem doesn’t seem to be impressed. For that matter, neither does the rest of the arena.

Have fun with this one.