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Animated Stick Figures Recreate Some Of Basketball’s Most Iconic Moments

by Micah Hart

Reason #1,723,486 to love the Internet: some one started a thread on’s message boards with animated gifs featuring some of the NBA’s greatest moments, recreated by stick figures.

I don’t know who did this, or why, but that’s the beauty of the web. I don’t have to know, all I have to do is sit back and enjoy, and contemplate how awesome/terrifying it is that I can immediately pick out most of the plays being referenced here. By all means help yourself to that thread to peruse the full assortment, but here are a few of my favorites to whet your whistle:

Have we really considered what a post-Kobe Bryant NBA is going to look like? I knew I recognized this play from somewhere, but was having a difficult time nailing down the specific game and opponent. So I did what any good investigative journalist would do, I hit up YouTube. Well guess what, Kobe’s scored on layups like this roughly a billion times. I mean, I know Kobe is an all-timer, but sometimes it takes watching an 11-minute highlight reel of JUST HIS LAYUPS to make you remember how special he truly is. I finally found the play, by the way, it was against the Spurs and it’s at about the 6:45 mark.

Pretty obvious which this is. All I have to say is, whoever created this, you get the shot but not the resulting jump and fist pump?

For my money, still the greatest dunk of all time.

Ohhh, don’t do it to him AI!

Hakeem says he wants to work with Serge Ibaka this summer. Serge, you got a long ways to go before you can pull this off.

And finally:

If anyone has the know how to pull these off, by all means send them over and we’ll do more galleries. It’s the offseason, we have plenty of time to kill.

[Classic Moments in NBA recreated in stickman gif, Inside Hoops]

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Heat, Mavs go back to the future

by Micah Hart

Say, did you know the Heat and Mavericks have played each other in the NBA Finals before? It’s true!

All Ball reader Shane from Down Under has shared with us his handiwork before, and returns again with this homage to one of the most talked about narratives of this year’s Finals, which begin Tuesday night in Miami:

Good on ya, as they say.

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Jason Terry takes the personal guarantee a little bit further

by Micah Hart

It’s a ritual nearly as old as professional sports — before a big game, or series, some star athlete or coach will guarantee victory for his side: Joe Namath before Super Bowl III, Mark Messier against the Devils, Paul Westphal down 0-2 to the Lakers. It’s a rallying cry, a vote of confidence for your team. But at the end of the day, it’s only words.

Not for Jason Terry. Showing his Dallas teammates what he thought they were capable of before the start of the 2010-11 season, JET had the Larry O’Brien trophy tattooed on his right bicep. Seriously. Check it out:

For realz???

Terry had the ink done at the home of noted tattoo enthusiast DeShawn Stevenson the day before a preseason game against the Magic last October. Calvin Watkins of elaborates:

Stevenson, who has an offseason home in Orlando, brought his chef and his personal tattoo artist for the players. It was a team-building exercise.

Stevenson’s chest, neck and arms are covered with tattoos. He even has a few facial tattoos and two piercings in his chest. But despite all of his tattoos, what he saw teammate Jason Terry do was mind-boggling at the time.

Terry got one placed on his right biceps of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, given to the winner of the NBA championship.

That is confidence my friends. There’s no return policy on that purchase.

Of course, things have played out pretty well for Terry and the Mavericks ever since. He is just four wins away from making this the most insanely awesome tattoo ever, as well as one of the most remarkable called shots in history.

Of course if they lose … well, I’m sure Stevenson’s guy can make it into something else.

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Ron Artest joining cast of Two and a Half Men, announces Ron Artest

by Micah Hart

There is a question that has been on the lips of many, many Americans ever since Charlie Sheen bought a one-way ticket aboard the Crazy Train: who will take his place on TV’s top-rated sitcom*, CBS’ Two and a Half Men?

* I weep for our future

Well, the news broke today, and people can wonder no more: the new sex-crazed, cracker-of-wise misanthrope on the hit show will be … Ron Artest!

At least, so sayeth Queensbridge’s finest:

I guess Ron-Ron saw how successful Lamar Odom has been in his move to the small screen** and decided he needed to get in on the action. I can easily see him getting a rise out of Jon Cryer.

** I have no idea how Khloe and Lamar performs in the ratings – are people tuning in?

I’ll say this. I’ve never seen a single episode of TAAHM, but if Artest was on it, I’d probably give it a shot. At least for an episode or two.

Obviously Artest is kidding, but who knows? Maybe he’ll preview a taste of what the show might look like at his comedy showcase this summer.

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10 NBA-related costumes for Halloween

by Micah Hart

If you are like me, you have presumably waited until the last minute to decide what to dress as for Halloween this year. If you are also like me, working with the NBA so much has made it almost impossible to come up with costume ideas that don’t somehow relate back to my day-to-day activities (ok, that probably doesn’t apply to you as much).

With that in mind, here are 10 costume ideas for you to consider before heading out to trick-or-treat on Sunday night:

10. Lawrence Frank-enstein

More costume ideas after the jump…


Dennis Rodman watches a boy become a man

by Micah Hart

Why couldn’t I have thought to invite a former rebounding champion and five-time NBA champion (that’s all Dennis Rodman is known for, right?) to my bar mitzvah? Recently the former Bad Boy was spotted by the omnipresent TMZ cameras noshing on some pigs-in-a-blanket and other hors d’ oeuvres at a Bar Mitzvah party, surrounded by what appears to be a sea of just-hitting-puberty guys and gals.

No word on whether or not he won Coke/Pepsi, but with his length I definitely like his chances.

Rodman goes on in the video to talk about a new reality show he has coming to MTV. With the high quality television that network produces, I feel certain it will be worth watching.

By the way, you may be wondering if this is the first bar mitzvah Rodman has ever attended, but I’d be willing to bet he was there for this one too:

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The Lakers add a new player

by Micah Hart

I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun.

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